Thursday, August 27, 2009

How To Land An Airbus A380 in MFS

Alright kids listen up.

Today we're going to take a look at how to land an Airbus A380-800, currently the largest airliner in the world. Our model today is Virgin Atlantic's (fly Virgin!), the time is 1835 and we are now making our final descend to Kuala Lumpur International Airport, code KUL. Our landing technique today is Visual Approach using Visual Flight Rules (VFR) since the weather is fantastic and our windshield is still as clear since yesterday's wiping.

We have full house today with 520 passengers and 20 crews, all now tired but still dandy from this 8-hour flight from central Europe. The fuel is now around 20 percent to done so we are not going to worry on that just yet.

11 miles to the airport

- Use VOR or GPS navigation for your setup. Not going to elaborate on that. You may use ILS (Instrument Landing System) if you want.
- descend to 3000 feet with 500 feet descent rate.
- slow down to 220 knots
- contact air tower and confirm landing intention. Choose your runway, confirm.
- align the aircraft with the runway, this time we're using runway 32R, my favorite.
- take a look at the bloody sunset, this thing doesn't occur everyday.

6 miles to the airport

- further descend to 1200 feet with 200 feet descent rate. We're going to have a very smooth landing today, so let's go down slowly, and not in flame.
- open up all flaps to 25 degree (30 if you're with heavy load) with 5 degree increment. Watch the craft reaction, and make sure you have entire airport visual ahead. Adjust seat when needed.
- tune down the speed to 180 knots.
- keep all navigation light and strobe on, and turn on the landing lights as you're approaching 1500 feet.
- check the autobrake. set to 1 or 2 since our runway is quite long, so short braking is not necessary.
- landing gear down, baby, and wait for runway clearance from air tower. clear that out and start descending slowly.

1 mile to the airport

- alright. look at the craft, it starts to flare already. but keep the nose at fixed attitude, since we don't need to flare too much at this height
- turn to full flap now
- tune down speed to 150 knots
- carefully descend as you approach the runway


- there you go. run down on the thruster to idle when you are already above the runway
- attempt for touchdown SLOWLY or you are going to make many people nervous


- as we hit the ground, push the nose down to keep all wheels on the runway for easier ground maneuvering
- keep the gear straightly aligned with the runway as autobrake does its job
- use airbrake as necessary

There. What a happy landing, isn't it? Make sure you exit the runway when able and contact ground control for taxing options via taxiways around. Turn to taxing procedures.

"Good evening ladies and gentlemen. We have arrived in Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Sepang, Malaysia. Please remain seated as we make our way to the gate, and until the aircraft is at full stop. Thank you for flying Virgin Atlantic, wishing you the best for your days and hope that we will meet again. Thank you."

Remember kids: Takeoff is optional. Landing is compulsory. Happy flyin'!


shera said...

oh dear.lain ditunggu lain keluar.mane story psl chocolate i? hee ;p

farishta said...

I DO so miss the cockpit. A place of good memories.

Better memories if you were there to share with though.. ;)

Miss you already babe. xoxox

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

shira: hahah dah dah dah post dahh

fafa: hey..didn't expect you to finally be here..mish you too babe =)