Monday, August 17, 2009


Very well then. Let's look at who's making up for the stage again.

Hello everyone, wishing you people a very good day.

A certain mishaps did occur to me a number of weeks ago that somehow led me astray, halted on in the middle of the way. Numerous crossroads to take rather than the usual one way road caused me to carefully choose my ways to maintain the speed I was currently baby-stepping at with the very minimal effects.

And last night I ended up at the last crossroad.

With definitive precautions taken supported with revised, precised calculations, I chose my way in between many with such confidence. With such style.

A stranger came up to me today and said the fearful words of wisdom that reminded me of my old times:

"If you see me smiling, you better have a backup."

As they rocked into my drums, the words woke me up with such superb energy so suddenly. It refreshed me into believing, into seeing and into controlling the vicious torment a man can receive. It reminded me about my own lost legacy, my long lost me. Hell, I really miss me.

And this energy, reminded me about this blog which I had left for almost a month now. Never again, baby, will I ever leave you in pain waiting for me to come home each night. Never again I leave you unattended, nor will I leave you sneezing cold alone by yourself.

Never again.

* * *

"So what are you going to do?"

"I'm gonna rock the world."

"Really?" (chuckles) "How? By becoming a rock star?"

"No." (pause) "I will not become a rock star."

(slick smile)

"I will be a legend."

Welcome back online Mr. Jacksparrow.

p/s: thank you Dr. Hani MD for such appreciation. Much obliged.


shera said...

yes.welcome back.

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