Friday, August 21, 2009

Or The Moment of Truth In Your Lies

Something really stupid happened just now at the usual Mesra shoppe.

As usual I bought my express latte and it happened that the same counter girl was there, this time not alone like yesterday. There was another girl in scarf helping her out with the counter works. It was a good thing though, since I was not looking forward for any 'funny' moment like what she did recently. She didn't smile nor look at me, bringing me up into wondering what happened - as if I really did care - but I decided not to afterward.

Well, probably it was just her time of the month.

So I walked out the store to my car, unlocked the door and start the ignition. I was kind of late to the mosque. I reversed the car and made my way out from the station area so that I could light up a ciggy while having my cold and chilled coffee en route to the mosque under the not-surprisingly hot sun. I placed a fresh cigarette, lighted it up and reached out for the latte that I usually placed at a space next to the handbrake lever.

Wait. Where's my coffee?

It went with huge thuds, once on the car bumper and the other when it hit the ground. Brilliant, I left the can on the roof before I unlocked the car and totally forgotten about it. I quickly stopped the car at the roadside and undid my seat-belt with frowns to retrieve my coffee back, now lying hopelessly on the exit road of the station, before some other cars come smashing it flat.

As I made my way out of the car, there was this silver-colored Kelisa that stopped right beside my coffee can, like less than a foot away, opened its passenger door and came out a hand that picked the can up before closing the door again.

Hey? Hey yo, yo! That's my coffee, yo!

The car slowly moved towards me, who was then leaning my back against the car, puzzled with what just happened. And again the car stopped like a foot away. The both heavily tinted window and my shades prevented me from seeing the persons inside the car until the window was winded down slowly, revealing the secrets it held.

"You looking for this?"

A long, wavy haired young lady with a big sunglasses on her waved my coffee can from the inside of the car. She looked familiar, especially with her sort-of annoying grin. There was another lady next to her, the driver of the Kelisa, also in that big, hip-looking shades smiling at me. There was a matrix card hanging at the rear-view mirror. UTP student, at least the driver is.

"Kinda," I said. Just pass me back my coffee, and this all soon will gonna be over. She reached out her hand and passed me the can, which I took in such honor. That annoying grin still on her lips.

"Thanks." I opened the can, now already dented all over, and took a few sips from it. Caffe latte never tasted any better, even from a dented can. And then I took another kick from the cigarette I lighted up earlier, now three-quarter done.

They didn't say a thing but to look at me with those smiles on their faces. Freaked me out a little but I still have the control over myself to evade anymore shame, even though in my mind there were a lot of things racing on and off.

"Nice hair anyway." She tuned the window up as the car moved along with the traffic. I stepped on the now-done cigarette and got into my car. Curious, curious.

I saw the counter girl looking at me from afar via the rear-view mirror. Hm, I wonder what she's thinking?

* * *

"You've got no class today?"

"Just finished."

"You've got other classes today?"

"Nope." She paused. "You don't have any lab today?"


We both paused.

"How's your hand?"

"It's getting better."

"Good to know that."

She didn't reply. Instead she leaned back into the sofa, placed both her hands on the armrests and crossed her legs, perfectly mimicking my position. She rested her head on the top edge of the sofa and placed her view towards the ceiling of the library. Her scent stroke my nose like a dashing train does to a wall.

What a very pleasant smell.

I took a careful look at her. She did look lovely in that blue kurong. She didn't wear anymore Nike snickers today but a decent looking but somehow stylish cream-colored comfortable shoes. She had this silver, by assumption, necklace that hung around her neck without a pendant. On her ears there were two gold ear studs. And then that lips.

"How did you break the test tube anyway?"

"It was an accident. It hit the table when I was shaking it." She didn't even lift her head to look at me when she said that.

"Lucky it didn't carve you so deep inside."

"Yeah. I'm a lucky girl."

Hm. A confident cat. Who are you anyway?

"Your boy knew about this?"

This time she lifted her head and looked at me. Those wide eyes became even wider. "What boy?"

"The boy just now?" Is there any other in your life?

She just smiled and looked at me. Her teeth looked perfectly arranged. Then she rested her head again on the sofa and closed her eyes.

"Well someone's jealous I see."

I took a deep look at her again before decided to leave. I was not into playing games with girls just yet, well at least not yet. And why would I be jealous anyway? So I took off slowly and left her like she was on the sofa. Somehow this reminded me of something I was not greatly fond of, so I thought it was better for me to step away.

I took my bag and started walking to leave the library. Well I got a lot of things to do anyway - I needed to run up to Pusing to fetch a quotation from an engineering workshop, then I have a lunch meeting with my roommate and also to send in the membership application at the Clearwater Sanctuary. And I didn't really want to spend my time with, well, with anything other than my own plans.

As I reached the end of the Chancellor's Hall, I jumped onto the wet grass and made my way back to the parking lot next to the library where I left my car. There were not many people still, just a couple or two of juniors walking around with bulks of books and papers in their hands. The sun was starting to shine for a bit, so I took out my shades and replace my glasses with it.

I unlocked the car and slammed myself into the cockpit. There was this small, tingling feeling I had at the back of my heart, but I decided to just leave it. I stepped on the gas and made my way back to V5 to fetch my roommate who was then already in the room waiting for my call. I'd better call him up so that he could fix himself up and wait for me at the parking lot so that I could just fetch him up without the needs to wait. I took my phone and wanted to dial, only to realize that there was a text message just came in from an unknown Maxis number.

"Sir marah ke? Sorry."

Crap. How did she even get my number?!


Silverleaf said...

hihi...nice story...keep posting..

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said... story for today since I didn't meet her at all. haha

Unknown said...

Jack, I hate to say this words, but it looks like I have to...

GG mate, GL HF :D

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

thanks mate. but nah..

W. Suhailaliza W. M. H. said...

hello jacky!
well..sorry to interfere but correct me if i'm wrong.
you're no longer with the wife?

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

well. surprisingly.

mInImOy said...

(curious can Elly gak)

a'ah la. The Wife xde lg ke? confusing at a point now..

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

no. it's over n done. occey?