Thursday, August 20, 2009

When Everything Feels Like The Movies

I happened to wake up early this morning.

Having nothing else to do I decided to go to the library and do my works, despite the gloomy weather that usually cause one to stay home and rest on the bed rather than going out. But before that I wished for a cup of coffee and a bitter taste of a cigarette.

I stopped by at the nearby Mesra shoppe and treated myself with a can of express latte and a box of fresh Virginian. The counter girl greeted me as usual today, only this time she was a bit excited to see me walking into the premise. From afar I could see her smiles.

"Why, you won a lottery?"

"Not entirely," she said, as she calmly scanned the bar-codes off the coffee can and the cigarette box. I took a quick scan on her too, especially on her nicely-tied pony tail and her somehow shiny lips, and stopped doing that when she turned over looking at me and continued, "just...a little bit...happy."

She took the red note which I placed on the counter along with the Mesra card. I took my coffee, opened it up and took a sip of it. She later gave me back the change first, and then the card after she swiped it on the reader. She flipped it slowly on the counter using two fingers and then using only her index she slide it gently towards me, her bold eyes digging deep into mine, slowly leaning her body against the counter.

With that wild, wild eyes and a flirtatious smile on her moist, pink lips.

* * *

The library was rather empty even though the time was already 9.00am. Not currently motivated to do anything and while waiting for the coffee and cigarette effects to take place, I took a dive into one of the sofas and sunk myself into the soft cushion. I took a look outside and there were less than five people around.

I rested my head and went through the morning newspaper, scanning for any interesting one. Nothing. Off you go, mister newspaper, a thud on the desk.

And then I saw her.

She was walking into the library with this one charming young guy. They looked like a pair of lovebirds, laughing at each other, exchanging smiles. Took a stare at them for a while until I gained myself back. Well what do I care anyway. Feeling the needs to strip away, I took the newspaper again and start flipping pages over pages, in the hopes that she will just walk away from the unnoticed me.

And then they walked passed me. I quickly smelt it.

And for a moment, then that was it. The smell that lingered around me finally slowly went away, in its own name - Rush. Every last bit of it sunk into my lungs and into my brain, like an anesthetic. A bloody damnation. I closed my eyes, and I inhaled it deep, deep in.


I placed the newspaper back on the cold glass table and I rested my arms on the sofa. I closed my eyes, seeking a new place for myself in my own world. And I felt my peace, the feelings I have been searching for long. Slowly all sounds faded away, all lights went away. But it didn't stay as long.

"Probably the bed that the residential guys provided you wasn't comfy enough?"

As the eyelids opened from such darkness, I saw her sitting straight on the sofa in front of me, with her hands resting on her lap. In her dark blue kurong, she looked rather lovely. Her hair was properly tied, leaving the pony tail to rest on her shoulder. That fringe fell on her cheeks so softly as silk does. That smell again. And that smile on her lips.

"Hello, Sir."

Hello, rosy cheeks.


HaNi said...

cerita baru kah?
buat panjang2 macam min ye

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

no hani, it's a diary of mine.

Silverleaf said...

wahhh....lovely story....

Unknown said...

Well, looks like this blog of yours have turned into a memory lane story. Sigh, I wish I could update my blog a bit..

Anyway, looking forward to see more once I return to UTP, back in next year perhaps.

HaNi said...

aaahh~ nicee

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

Thanks, darlings.