Wednesday, August 19, 2009

"Yeah You Bleed Just To Know You're Alive"

As I was chatting with my colleague during our hours being laboratory demonstrators, she came up to us who were then sitting at the front desk.


"Yes darling." My reply was casual as always, as I turned around to take a look at her. "What's the matter?" I further asked.

She didn't say a thing. Her eyes were teary and her cheeks were rosy red, a bit wet from her rolling tears, covered by her rather long hair. A bit surprised I was, to see this young lady standing in front of me with one surefire expression.

"Why, what's the matter?"

Not even a reply. Her lips were trembling before she kept her lower lip shut in between her teeth. What an unconventional situation. A lot of things played in my mind, until I realized she was covering her right palm using her another.

There was blood smearing around them. The other students were looking at us, totally in confusion. One of them, I believed to be this young lady's lab partner, was cleaning shattered remains of a test tube off the table.

"Take over me," I told to my colleage. "Ciow."

* * *

She sat on the chair I pulled for her. I pulled up the latex gloves to cover my hands and gently handled her palms to the nearby sink, showering them with running water. She shrieked a little, sobbing still. As the blood cleared out, one could see there was a fine cut at the center of the right palm, and blood slowly oozed out from it.

"Shh," I told her as I took out some cotton balls and applied some antiseptic cream on them. I took a quick glance at her. She was looking at the wound, and trembled for a bit.

"This won't hurt, alright?" I said as I gently took her small right palm and applied the cream onto the wound using those cotton balls. "Not at all, right?"

"Uh-huh." But she was still weeping, and she pulled away from looking at the palm.

One of her tears fell onto my naked arm. Warm. "Sorry," she quickly whispered in between her sobs, only to see that another tear went all the way and dropped next to the first on my arm once again.

"You don't want to say sorry for that one too?" She chuckled a little. With her finger from her left hand she wiped the rest of them tears off her cheeks and dried them on her jeans. She smelled of Gucci Rush as she pulled her hair and held them behind her ears. And those rosy cheeks once again made a reappearance.

"There," I said, as I cut the last strip of tape to hold the creamed cotton in place. "Nice and dandy."

"Thank you sir."

I didn't reply. She took off slowly to the main door and made her way out back to our lab, as I stayed inside the empty lab by myself.

Her tears were still on my arms.

* * *

My crowded lab was already empty after the session ended. I turned off all switches, took a second look at all the gas chambers and tidied up some of the tables. My partner had been long off gone for good with some of the students reports while the rest of them he left it on the front table. I took and carefully placed my share of the reports into my bag.

It seemed peaceful here in the lab, and I'd like to stay around for a while. So I took a seat at the front desk, while laying my arms on the dark wood table. It was cold.

I thought of those rosy cheeks. Just, thoughts.

I took a look around. The tables were dead. It was all quiet. The technicians might already be out for their meals, since the time was already 1.15pm. I was feeling a bit hungry but I didn't much feel like I want to eat. Probably I will just head down to the library and do some works there instead.

So I took my bag in one hand and rested my lab coat on my shoulder. I made my way to the front entrance and pulled the heavy glass door inward before turning around and pulled it outward to properly close it. That was when my lab coat fell off from my shoulder.

As I bent down to take the coat, I saw a pair of legs in jeans standing in front of me. And those pink-striped Nike. When I lifted my head, I saw those rosy cheeks again, only this time they were not wet anymore of tears. And the smile.

"Sir," she said as she pulled her fringe back with her bandaged hand, and continued, "would you care to have lunch with me?"

And out of a sudden, I felt so damn hungry.


Unknown said...

Ehem. :D

woody said...

damn, perfect situation.
change place with me for that whole day pls..

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

hello TPK, hello woody.