Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Cause I Know That You Feel Me Somehow

"You kat mana?"

It took me a while to digest the message by reading it a number of times. I didn't sleep since 11am yesterday so my brain were having numerous misfires that disrupted the ability for me to catch things easily like usual. When I finally got it, I put down my pen and started to type the reply message by hitting the keypads of my aged mobile phone.

"Dekat lab." I hit the send button.

I placed the phone at the end of the table and got back to my task again - marking piles and piles of laboratory reports from the just now session and also from the previous week. It was my lab day today - two sessions of chemistry laboratory conducts. The laboratory was all empty and dark since the last session for the day ended except at the part where my table was, where a row of white pendafluors shone brightly creating rays of lights along them. It was very quiet inside the lab that I could hear the air-conditioning ducts shaking as the chilled air inside them moved.

One after another I slowly progressed to marking the reports. I wasn't in a hurry, so I took my time on doing the task. After all there was only one left to mark after the one I was currently marking, and once done I could call it a day, at least. But there was something else in my mind that occupied me from looking forward for the day to end as easily. The incident that happened during the laboratory session just now somehow was pressing me. But I needed to keep it out from my mind for a while, at least until the marking work was done. One step at a time, I'd say.

The heavy door on my right side was pushed inward, creating screeching sounds as the rubber pad at the bottom of the door scraped the floor as it moved. I didn't bother to even look, because I knew who it was. Instead, I pretended to be busy with my work. I heard the sound of a chair was pulled to in front of me and stopped, then the sound of hydraulic support as it hissed when someone took a seat on it. I dropped my pen slowly, raised my head and I saw her.

She sat on a laboratory chair in front of me. She wore a gray, three-quarter sleeve cotton shirt with some chick designs and glitters on it. Her hair was as usual; carefully-tied pony tail but loose fringe. Her usual tote rested calmly in her arms. She then placed the tote next to my bag on the table and moved the mobile chair and herself forward by pulling on the static table using her hands. She then placed her hands, folded, on the table and looked at me in smile as I slowly leaned back to the backrest of the chair, both my arms folded around me.


She smiled, showing her teeth in between those pink lips and replied, "hello."

I looked at her in silence, enjoying the warm view in front of me as seconds passed as if time was frozen. The poundings of my nervous heart slowly tuned down to none. It lasted for a while before I leaned forward, picked up the pen and started marking again. I placed my eyes wholly on the report, but from the corner of my eyes I could see her slowly placing her chin on top of her arms. The smell of her hair and her Rush stroke my nose like a mechanical drill does to a piece of soft wood.

"Sibuk ke?"

"Takdelah," I said. "Last one je. Sekejap eh."

I quickly scanned over the one last report and marked it accordingly. It took me around 4 minutes to complete one usually, but when she was here in front of me, the time for one marking took only a minute and a half, roughly. The perfume she wore must be some kind of a performance drug. I wrote the total mark for the report at the top right corner of the front page, placed it on the completed piles of reports, arranged them a little and rested them on my bag. Now, my attention was a hundred and ten percent for her. I leaned back to the backrest while she was still like that, hiding her whole lips inside her folded arms on the table. Her fringe covered her right eye.

"How's your day?" I asked her. I folded my arms around me. It was cold inside the lab.

"Um-hmm?" She looked at me and played with her eyes and brows as she answered me with that soft hum reply from her nose. Somehow she reminded me of Puss-in-Boots from the movie 'Shrek'; the cat who manipulates his cute nature by holding his hat and staring up at his foes with an innocent, wide-eyed, expression, which softens his foes hearts.

"No class anymore?"

"Um-um?" There came the same sound and the look again.

"Nak kena slap?"


I quickly leaned forward to reach her guard, to which she shrieked and tried to evade my attack. She then laughed and stuck her reddish tongue at me as she pulled away from the table to where I could not reach her. I leaned back again in smiles, since I knew by doing so I was drawing her back to me. Which she did - she slowly pulled herself towards the table again. She then rested her chin on her standing arms on the table. She fixed her fringe by blowing on it using directed air from her mouth.

"You buka kat mana hari ni?" she asked.


"Seriously la."

"Tak tau lagi," I said confidently, when actually I had a boys-day-out plan with Noraz already. We planned to go to some places in Ipoh for some food-tasting and all the crazy things we boys oftenly seen to be doing.

She smiled excitedly. Her rosy cheeks lifted to show her cheekbones. Her eyes shone brightly. In a way or another, I sensed that she already had a plan in mind, which she put it verbally almost as quickly as I expected her to:

"Kita berbuka sama-sama nak?"

I stared at her for a while, thinking and judging hard, making my mind up on it. She was making me an offer I couldn't refuse, and she knew I could never resist. She waited as my mind raced for a deal-breaker, slowly blowing on her fringe that fell back to her eye soon after every time she did that. She's playing with my emotions and my rationale. My heart said yes when my heart said no. After a few of this and that, I finally made my decision.

I'm so sorry Noraz. It seems that there is a sudden change in the plan.


shera said...

kesian noraz ;p

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

ala ptg ni kuar ngan noraz jugak lg haahahhaaha