Saturday, September 19, 2009

Eidul Fitr & The News

We have reached the last day of Ramadhan, in which now we see the incoming of Syawal where we celebrate Eidul Fitr with mixed emotions.

Some may have waited with happiness while they may be others who may have waited with otherwise.

To me, this Raya means a lot worth to remember.

* * *

To my family,

For more than twenty-four years you have been taking good care of me despite my resistance that occurred sometimes when we were not in favor with each other. I appreciate the love you have given me, and I cherished all the moments we have had enjoyed together. I am looking forward for more time to be spent together, and I apologize for every inconveniences that I have caused in the past times.

To my friends,

I could have never made it without you people in this dog eat dog world. I could count on the heads that actually worth to call friends, and some of you who have made it into the circle of my brothers and sisters who were there when in need. This is to your time and your support towards me all these while, standing next to me fearlessly, without being anymore judgmental and anarchist like ordinary others, for being with me during my most imperfections and for seeing me as one of you too. I do pledge for forgiveness for all my wrongdoings to all of you, and I hope the relationships stay long and strong in the time of tides of high and low.

To my fans,

Nobody understands better about my life journeys and adventures more than you guys do. You have seen how I rose to the peak of my time, and you have seen how I collided on life and landed hard on my own two feet at the start of the mountain back again, on bended knees, fallen unwillingly from the battle against nature. You have seen how I laughed and how I cried, you have got to know me so deeply to a point that you have firmly understood how I act and think. You deserve applause for your loyalty, and therefore I fully express my gratitude towards the all of you who have came and stayed until this date. Also, I would like to apologize for all my words that may have caused you pain and sufferings.

To my foes,

I would like to generally apologize for what I have done that incoherently caused you pain that caused us not to be in the same team.

To the lost ones,

For all my doings that have caused you tears, I apologize. For me being so imperfect in your eyes that caused all of you to leave in the end, I apologize. I was and still am only human, and there were certain things in the past that were not within my control to reach for me to handle like you expected me to.

To Rosy Cheeks,

I apologize.

Selamat Hari Raya Eidul Fitr and Maaf Zahir Batin. May this Raya bring you joy and happiness n the spirit of the season. Cheers, good luck and Godbless.

* * *

I have got to learned that one of the pair - Hiro & Fifi - had died after the first few days when I became single again. Mother hid the news from me in the ordeal not to cause me anymore 'twitches' as to quote from her words. Hiro & Fifi was left with my parents to be taken care of while I was gone in UTP.

I feel bad and upset for them. I look at them as a parent does, and to lose your child whom you have taken care of and loved for one too long of a time, it caused me devastating heartbreaks. The news was broken at the dinner table, accidentally, and I stopped eating almost as suddenly.

But it is okay. I will take care of the one which is still alive with love and attention, for that it has only me as a parent now.

R.I.P, buddy.

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farishta said...

Adeq.. I think it's Rosy Cheeks who has to apologise to you more than you need to apologise to her.

Itu satu... lagi satu... takyahlah nak tangisi the departure of someone like that. Bukan apa.. if she can do that to her (so-called) BOYFRIEND... who's to say she won't do the same to you down the line if you went with her... when someone else that 'fires her imagination' comes along?

Don't ask why she did this or that. She is what she is.. and girls like that do what they do for the 'high'. Some ppl are addicted to nicotine, some to heroin, some to... male attention.. and from more than one source. :P Trust me on this. ;)

Take care.