Sunday, September 06, 2009

I Just Want You To Know Who I Am

It happened that the state and the rest of the country are having long weekend for two times in a row, thanks to the holidays that fell on both Mondays.

It has been days since I met rosy cheeks. We were both busy running our on chores, trying to keep up with the scores like other people did, just for a bit of sensible achievement, just to feel good about oneself. For five to seven days we fight each week - being busy with works, running around the blocks, keeping up with the new world order, handling the endless beatings we usually get- but we keep ourselves at least just one day at the end of the week to keep up with our personal lives, the things that we missed, one last day that ends the week only with ourselves and the people that we care.

This is a story about that day.

* * *

It had been raining for almost four hours now.

Drops of rain water banged onto the windshield of the car with heavy knocks every time they did. The journey to Ipoh took so long, way too long for a ride, unlike usual. The road was busy since it was only ten-thirty at night, and with the rain and the wind, there was no way these cars were going to speed anyway. The radio was playing 'Cuai' by Butterfingers, and somehow the lyric reminded me of certain things that clouded my head like unsettled dusts in shaken bowl of water. But I didn't really bother to check since I had other important things in mind to do.

I reached my left hand to the then empty passenger seat and felt the presence of a cotton-polyester padded bag that seemed to be overfilled with things. I held the bag, slowly gripping it, while keeping on driving - eyes on the road but not my mind. I took a long deep breath and made my mind up.

It had to be done. Tonight.

* * *

"How's the fries?"

She munched on them oversalted fries like a kid does to a delicious icecream. Her chubby cheeks moved as she moved her jaw, and her hand continuously take the fries uno per uno from the pack while the other hand handled the Pepsi. She didn't reply my question but kept munching instead, her eyes grew rounder, shinier like a cat's when she ate. She seemed lost in her own wonderful world where no thinking was required and no dream was crushed - in the lost world of McDonald's french fries.

"Hey!" I patted on the table. She shrieked in surprise. One of the fries flew onto my lap.

She looked at me, now with her usual angry face, and passing subliminal message to my brain through her big, round eyes and chubby rosy cheeks. But it didn't happen. Instead, I took the fries on my lap and put it in my mouth, making such expression face as I enjoyed it.

"Thanks," I said.

She lasted not for even a minute before she started again on the fries. From an angry someone, she turned into becoming the cookie monster in just a blink of an eye, munching on her fries like nobody does. And I found her cute.

So slowly, I took my padded bag without her realizing and did something really, really wrong.

* * *

I wish I could write longer.

But I have someone waiting for me now in Ipoh. You-know-who.

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I am very sorry for keeping you guys awake in the wait for the story to continue. But I promise you that the next entry would we wonderful. Seriously!

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