Saturday, September 05, 2009

I Signal Them With My Lighters


Since everyone showed quite huge efforts in getting the lyric of 'the song' for me the other day, I decided to write about all of you who tried instead of just one particular person.

So here goes.

#1: Cik Jaa (

The first who made it to the score board was Cik Jaa, a young lady at her prime twenty-two from the nearby Kampung Gajah, Perak. Cik Jaa and me used to have histories together one time quite long ago, relationship non-related. However we somehow lost contact, until recently we happened to bump into each other again and back into the once lost friendship now into none of an end, hopefully.

A single lady, perhaps, and is always seen to be very active in her daily chores and side activities. I have seen how she fell knocked-down to the grown and how she stood again on her then ruptured bones of her feet, just to show the world that never will the word surrender ever make it out from her throat, nor never the act of defeat will ever shown from her gestures. I believe she will color her future with tones of ups and downs, and that, also I believe, will nurture her into becoming one day a fine young lady. You go, Jaa.

#2: Farah (

A 23-year old female executive in human resource industry, by assumption, Farah Y. recently registered herself to following this blog. But due to her mysterious nature there are not many things that I could actually discuss about this young lady, except that she is somehow very fond of rosy cheeks, having the urge to read about her regardless how long the story is. To which, I would want to say thank you for.

#3: Old Man Muspa (

Muspa and me, we shared a lot of common values - except that he is happily married to a lady of his choice to which I am not; not to his lady nor even to anybody else. I have known him for almost 4 years now, at one time he was one of the most reputable person in UTP in certain fields where I was largely known for another, and that was how we met - as strangers with different backgrounds, but with the same bloody intention. He is now working as an engineer in the heart of the country, owning more and more each day to which one day I believe he will surprise me for having me to greet him once we meet as Dato' Muspa. Well thank you and good luck, Old Man Muspa.

#4: Abuzar (

A fine young man from the Borneo part of the country. We met when he was one of my students during which I taught last semester. At his early twenties, he is now undergoing his first undergraduate year in Mechanical Engineering. Quite to my surprise, we hardly talk in the class but as time passed by, we somehow made it into being buddies now.

Being one of the students that I entirely have my trust in them, Abuzar has earned the reputation of being a solid gentleman by nature and affirmation, and not self-proclaimed like certain others. And for that, Abuzar, my congratulations.

#5: Miss L (

A recently graduated Miss L who happened to have been caught reading my blog in disguise not too long ago, by me myself. She had been a literally hidden follower for long until she decided to open an account up in Blogger and started writing again carrying the flagship. She is happily in relationship, to which she was always found writing about wanting to get married at certain intervals in her blog. Well I will pray for your happiness.

#6: Farishta

I was told not to talk about this particular someone unless ordered to :D

#7: Fiza Falak (

Fiza! What an honor to have her around here. A young lady with a gap of two years to me, she has the tendency to write in long post sometimes like I do. Being one with the urge for football and reading, apart from having the chick needs to shop, bake and whatnot, she surprises me with many of her interesting traits. One of them, to my relief, she enjoys coffee. Another, she is an MU supporter. And she enjoys having meals at TGI Fridays. And Starbucks. What else do I need to ask in a lady?

Fiza, take me! :D


The Belogger King said...

ahaha. thanks... (klu ko ko mesti ckp "tgkkkk... kutttukkkk") haha.x rugi search kat goole...

farishta said...

Dah-ling... mystery is always good kan.. :P

Besides, akak takde pun kopipes the lyrics (which I Googled, natch!) which I was quite sure patploh ribu orang before me would have done. ;)

Appreciate the mention though!


It4Ch1 said...

heheheh.. am not engineer. yet.
now working as programmer in a small but busy company.

hell, all small company are busy.

It4Ch1 said...

thanks for the review, really appreciate it.

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

abuzar: cheh. sukee.

farishta: kakak la sangat! xx

muspa: tadehal la muspa.

cik jaa said...

thanx jack.u even think i am stalker'ing' on a secret admirer.thanx for such review.

Fiza Falak said...

haha, thanks captain mighty jack sparrow. i shall continue to stalk u.

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

cik jaa: alahai..marah la plak =b

fiza: hey babe, dont mention it. and please do continue. haha~ thanks neway =D