Thursday, September 03, 2009

Where The Skies Are So Blue

So today I went out for a date for iftar (or sungkai, according to dearest Maurina, in Brunei Malay).

The date mate however, turned out to be none other than our favorite, pious, fair-skinned, Japanese-looking and SINGLE engineer, Mr Noraz Al-Khairi. I had to make up to him for what happened yesterday (please refer to the post 'Cause I Know That You Feel Me Somehow').

We went to Batu Gajah today in the pursuit for food, but it happened that we arrived as the adzan was already loudly cited from a nearby mosque. So we decided to stop for Maghrib first then only continue to our destination.

When we were done with the prayer, we went to the restaurant we were earlier heading to - Top One Western Food & Ice-Cream. Please enjoy the story along with the photos below.

This is the front side of the menu. You can clearly see the food they serve, along with the reasonable price.

The other side of the menu. More surprises.

"This has got to be a joke..." Hungry Noraz couldn't make his mind on the order due to so many tempting dishes.

In between order and the food to arrive, I took this lovely decorations they did to the wall. It reminded me of someone so instantly as I looked at them.

The place was empty except for three tables - two couples, three then including us, if we were ever seen as one. The two ladies ran the bar while the rest were at the kitchen behind those doors.

They used Philly Cream Cheese for their pastries. Good choice, I'd say. Kraft produced good cream cheese.

Floating hearts, baby. Eiffel, I'm in love.

The cakes looked tasty from behind the glass wall. But it would be weird to share a piece with a guy, so...forget it.

Here's the ice-blended mocha latte with additional chocolate ice-cream on top of it. It made me cry.

Rosemary Lamb with Fried Rice. I'm in heaven. "Uh, momma?"

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Farah said...

Chocolate cake....dooo...Let me meet the Willy Wonka!! Where's this place?