Tuesday, September 01, 2009

You're The Closest To Heaven That I'll Ever Be

"Your parents okay ke kita keluar ni?"

I asked the one with rosy cheeks with such concern. The time already showed eleven o'clock as we passed the final junction that led to the main road. I tried to whisper the words to her since I did not want her sister to hear. From the rear view mirror I saw her sister threw her sight to the outside scenery. Let's just hope she did not hear me.

"Diorang tak balik lagi dari terawih," rosy cheeks answered me as she dug into her tote for her mobile phone. "Plus I already told them. They said okay."

"Where are we going?" I asked.

"What do you want to drink?" She placed the phone back into the bag and rested it on her lap.

"I'd like some coffee," I answered as I drove the car back to the road to Medan Gopeng. Rain started to fall quite heavily this time.

"Old Town nak?"

"Sure," I quickly replied.

I was waiting for that answer actually. It had been a long time since I last stepped into an Old Town Kopitiam. Luckily there was one at Medan Gopeng that operated past midnight, which we were currently heading.

It took almost ten minutes to reach the place due to the rain that blocked my view past the front glass panel. There were moderate amount of people already enjoying their drinks, most of them were inside the premise. I parked the car as close as possible to the shop so that we needed not to dash under the rain. I turned the engine off and told the two to go first since I needed to lock the doors manually before leaving the vehicle at ease. After they left, I locked the doors and dashed my way out around 20 feet distance to reach the patio where both of them were now waiting, only to find myself fell with a thud, many thanks to the slippery flip-flop I was wearing.

I quickly stood up and made it for another 3 feet to the patio, half-soaked in rain water. I felt my right ankle was burning. The lucky thing was there was no wound or anything as I checked, and the unlucky part was me to be seen falling and rolling like an overfed jackass by the two ladies who were now laughing their brains out. That was the first time I heard rosy cheeks laughed so hard while pressing on her belly while her sister was just smiling with her hand covering her mouth.

"Quit it already," I said as I brushed the water whenever I could off my shirt and pants.

"Jangan la marahhh," she said as she giggled and brushed my Mohawk a few times back and forth. All I did was to smirk and pulled out my tongue at her.

We took our seats at the second table from the back of the shop where there was somehow a tall wall that barricaded us from gushing wind and rain. We went through the menu and made our order: I ordered an original white coffee ice blended by ticking at a column in the order form before passing it to rosy cheeks. As they both were going through the same menu booklet, I took my time to have a good view of rosy cheeks' sister.

She was apparently the same height with rosy cheeks. They both looked alike too, except that her hair was straight but rosy cheeks' was wavy. Both of them had these good looking hazel hair color, only that rosy cheeks' was newer. She flipped her hair like rosy cheeks always did, and she had these white stone studs on her ears. The rest were close alike to rosy cheeks' - her facial characters, her lips, her skin and the way she dressed up in jeans and beige-colored knitted shirt. Only one thing was strange about her - she didn't make not even a single sound since we met. I pulled back my head as they finished ordering and I called the waiter to pass the order.

"You, meet my sister," rosy cheeks said cheerfully as she hugged her sister on the shoulder. Her sister just smiled as I offered a handshake across the table which she took it in very good manners. I smiled back.

"She can't communicate normally," rosy cheeks continued as she exchanged her looks on me and her sister alternately. "She can't talk."

Oh my. Rosy cheeks looked touched when she said that, let alone myself. She kissed her sister on the cheeks, and that made me felt terrible inside. The sister was one gorgeous woman; she looked mature, pleasant, warm and whatnot, only unfortunately she's a mute. In my heart I felt something trembling as I looked at rosy cheeks hugging and kissing her sister with infinite love. I could feel tears building up at the end of my eyes, but I moved them away as quickly with my fingers.

Her sister looked at me, still smiling calmly. I smiled back, trying not to show my sympathy to this hell of a strong lady. She then turned to rosy cheeks and started to pull out some sign language moves, which then rosy cheeks laughed out in cheerfulness.

"Dia kata dia suka rambut you," she told me, and I started laughing. I said thank you, and her sister grinned at me, showing the perfect set of teeth like those on rosy cheeks.

Our drinks arrived a moment later; I had my ice blended while the sister got herself a cup of hot white coffee and rosy cheeks was having a cold one. I drank it up - it felt so bloody refreshing, and quite immediately I felt my blood rushing all over me in boosts of adrenaline. As I enjoyed my coffee in silent, they both were having conversations in sign language. I didn't know that rosy cheeks was good in sign language, and by seeing her doing it I felt somehow proud of her. It took courage and passion to master sign language, and she did it pretty well even when she didn't have the needs to. It was hypnotizing to see her moving her hands confidently, translating our usual verbal communication to hand signs.

They looked so close together. They laughed as they communicated, and sometimes rosy cheeks turned her look at me before continuing with the hand language with her sister, more laughing coming their way. They probably were talking about me. At some time, rosy cheeks pulled her loose, wet hair backwards, exposing her fair, untouched ears and neck area.

Out of a sudden, she looked so wonderful tonight.

* * *

"Thank you for sending me home. Sorry sebab susahkan you."

"No problem," I said. "Thanks for the coffee, anyway," I continued.

I passed her the traveling bag and her laptop case. We were in front of the house then, and the time was already past 1 o'clock in the morning. There was a champagne gold-colored Chevrolet Optra in the just now empty spot under her porch. Probably her parents were back, and it was not not very gentleman of me to keep her and her sister in the foggy environment especially at this hour. So I chose to excuse myself and called it a day.

"Good night, the both of you."

"Good night. Drive carefully," she said. Her sister stood next to her, handling her laptop bag.

I got myself into the car and waved at them. As the car moved, I could see both of them smiling and waving their hands at me.

As they got further away as seen from the rear view mirror when the car moved along the road and into the night, I felt something broke again in my heart.

* * *

I was already at the junction in Falim and taking a turn into the Ipoh-Lumut causeway when her text message entered.

"Thanks sangat2 sebab sending me home. Please drive carefully and let me know bila sampai UTP. I tunggu. BTW there is a surprise in your glovebox."

Weird. What surprise? The answer lied in the glove compartment. I leaned to the left for a bit and opened the box, and to my amusement there was a small rectangular-shaped thing, wrapped in blue with gold stripes wrapping paper. It was light, and when I shook it, it didn't make a sound. I was with hopes that the present smelt of Rush, only to my disappointment it only smelt of ordinary wrapping paper.

I placed it on the passenger seat and kept my eyes on the road.

A lot of things played in my mind, mostly about today's experiences. The journey to Ipoh, the conversation I had with rosy cheeks, the outing to Old Town, the sister and everything else. She looked so lovely, so passionate, so intimate. She was like all sugar and spice and everything nice. With her wet hair and her glowing skin under the yellow lights at Old Town, she was stunning.

Why did you come so suddenly in my life, you? What were your purposes? What was this touch you made me feel? What were these all about? These questions - disturbing questions - played in my mind all the way from Ipoh to UTP that was an almost half an hour journey in pitch dark. The rain was still falling and the road was totally empty. And somehow I felt empty too.

I took a look at the empty seat next to me and I smiled, imaging her smiling back at me. And I thought; gosh, I missed her already.

I reached UTP at around 2.30am and headed straight back to V5 where I parked my car and made my way back to my room. I brought along the surprise I got from my glove compartment, still intact in its wrapping, safely hidden under my shirt. My roommate was about to turn the room lights off when I entered the room.

"Hey, where were you?" he asked. He tidied up his pelikat and landed himself on the bed.

"Well I was around," I said as i changed into my sleeping attire. I hid the present under my comforter when he was not watching.

"Chicks again?"

"Nope." I landed myself on the bed and turned on the salt lamp next to it.

"Come on," he said. "I saw you passing by the mosque just now."

"Oh you did?" Damn. "Takdelah. I sent my student to Ipoh. She didn't have any transport."

"Yelah tu," my roommate mocked me in such an annoying tone while he turned off the room lights. "Awek baru ke?"

I didn't reply. Instead I pulled up my comforter and placed my head above my two crossed hands and greeted him, "good night, mate."

"Night Jack." I could hear his little laughs. Not a very long moment later, I could then hear his snores. Knowing that he was then already knocked out in his sleep, I took the present out slowly from under the comforter, looked at it with the help from the salt lamp and pat it against my forehead. In my mind played my roommate's last, somehow unconventionally, controversial inquiry.

Hm, could she?


shera said...

"Chicks again?"

berapa dah..? ;p

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

wek. manede sape2. my rumet bengonggg

shera said...

ececeh.xbek ckp rumet u cenggitu.kantoi sudah.haha

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

dia rilek je. belikan dia murtabak daging kat bazaar dan dia akan jadi makhluk paling taat dalam dunia ni. at least sampai dia lapar balik la.