Wednesday, October 14, 2009


This post is auto-published.

By the time you read this post, I would have already been away from my desk or any other places significant to me with available internet connections that make it convenient for me to go online.

It is well worth to note that this post was written a handful eight (8) hours before it was published.

Assuming that this post will be posted at the correct time as set, I hope that it is also safe to assume that this post will accomplish its objective close to or within the intended margins.

* * *

It should be now precisely a solid half-an-hour to 11.00pm.

And I should be by now precisely have positioned myself at point with certain set of coordinates made known to only a number of important persons, less than five in count, with a carefully calculated and reviewed many times over and over purpose. None of these important persons is significant today but only one. And this one person is the only who knows exactly the detail of how and why the place I am at right now is bloody noteworthy to me.

Now this persona too, is the reason why I cleared my schedules for some time from now today until when I finally call it off, in the pursuit to find the decisive, definitive and critical answer to the only question that happened to bother me for quite a while until I chose to find a closure for it. And only this persona holds the answer, the key to everything.

After going over so many calculations and judgments, taking accounts from every possible viewpoint, undergoing a series of re-planning and turnovers, back to square one and then optioning out, looking over the sheets and lists of possibilities and probabilities with noted and calculated risk factor, considering all methods to affirm percentage of positivism, and bearing in mind all errors and hope for the best, I hope that this decision of mine would be the most suitable and most promising.
And by the time you reach this part right here, I am currently juicing myself in my own faith and beliefs, and also a bottle of grape juice and whatnot, patiently waiting still.
* * *
I hereby declare and commence the ignition of D-Day.
Let's hope for the best now, do we not? And wait.

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Sufy said...

wahh, nak p mn?hehehe