Saturday, October 03, 2009

Extraordinarily Ordinaries

There were many days I have found myself completely clueless on what was actually happening to my life.

A few weeks back I was completely devastated by the way things were going. I lost my grip on life, and I slowly were pulled back by the waves that kept me away from reaching the shore of the dream island before my own eyes. I struggled and I pushed back, only to see myself getting further and further away from it while also losing energy in the same time. Slowly, the shore started to disappear, and I got cast away. I thought that this was it - this was the end.

Now, for most of the ordinary people, they might have just gave up. Especially when you were the only one paddling your way to the shore with wounded hands and paralyzed feet, while everybody else were there by the shore looking at you while you fight your way through.

Now these people - the people on the shore - there were three types of them:- the first one is the one who look at you and doubt that you will ever make it while in the same time mocking you down in the hopes to see you fail; the second is the one that cheer you up non-stop in the hopes to see you succeed; and the final one is the one who doesn't give a damn no matter how high you have your regards at them.

What matters here is the second group of people. They might do not know you - who you are, from where you came and where you are going - but they have these spirits; they show these extensive, complex emotions that keep you rowing your way all the way through the monster waves while the first group of people was enjoying their time having orange juices watching you row, and the last group got lost in their bloody newspapers. This second group of people, they are not in any way was formed by special people - those who were gifted and talented enough to help other people. They were no priests, they were no motivators individually, but together they form this strong pack that helped me made my way to reach the shore and join them despite my injuries and weary presence. They never gave up, they showed their support, and they believed in me. These ordinary people, they group together to serve extraordinarily.

This is a post dedicated to all those people.

* * *

Shy, shy Fiza Falak.

Fiza Falak

Fiza Falak was one of the person whom I personally recognize as lively and interesting. A confident, bright young lady who sees things objectively and takes life as the real deal. She knows her ways around and she knows how to corner her way around incoming problems, a real streetsmart. She is full of wonders and knowing her is one of the best thing I had with me since the past weeks.

But in a way or another she was also a funny lady, and spending time with her sharing some coffee moments were never disappointing. There were always stories that she would pull up that make you not only listen but think deep. Nonetheless, she is as well full of advices - wise advices. She helped me through many of my life challenges and most of the time she was right. The type that never gives up she is, and she syringed me with that spirit over and over with hopes that I will again be back to be a fighter like I used to. She is the type that loves but not too much - she will slap you should you even once be a sissy in front of her.

"Don't worry about the future. It depends on what you do today. And that is the thing you are to worry now," she said, before she bit me for showing 'the face'.

Fiza Falak, yes, she is a real fighter. And thanks to her, dear darling FF, I am now back to my own track. And one day, I promise you babe, I will become one of the people you are very proud to talk about to the world.

Can't wait to lepak again with you, babe! Bila nak coffee coffee time lagi?

* * *

The Rogue Squadron

Self explanatory, the people of the RS are the people whom I recognized as successful, sharp and wise in their correlated fields and life, generally. These are the people from which I have been lectured by almost each day with plentiful thoughts and guidelines, from both books and experiences.

Among these people are -

  • Mrs. Zar, a successful mom of three who lives life like a teenager, oftenly seen cracking jokes over my Tweeter wall with her outstanding vagueness and tenderly slaps should she sees me being out of control at times. Oftenly being shout to by me, "kakak!";
  • Mr Khairul, a lawyer by default and a person from which I understand keeps himself updated with the world by daily routine, from the eyes of youths. He is always seen to be making statements about his wonderful wife, from which I assumed the reason why he lives life so permanently stable and happy. A busy man he is, and still have the time to Tweet and blog. The kind of man that many wanted to end up becoming one day. Suspect Respect, brother!
  • Big Bro Altimet, yeah you guessed him right. One of the guys from Teh Tarik Crew, the rap band I used to listen when I was young, and still for their beats and, well, Mizz Nina (hihu). I met him once when he performed in the campus some years back. And he forgot me. Hahah! Altimet is as well among the successful men I have got the chance to know and made friends with. A wonderful guy indeed, full of humor and unsuspected one-liners. Way to beat yaw.
  • Mrs Mimi Shafian, the less angelic sister of mine who is one from the Yaw Yaw Sisterhood pack also membered by Mrs Zar. Always bullying me around. Wait until raya next year, you. I will get my revenge. Hoho. Yeah I love you too, kakak! :D
  • Maurina, the lady who brought the Sultanate of Brunei to the whole wide world to see. An impressive writer, she has the original touch of thoughts and wonderful writing skills that keep me coming each time. Nevertheless she is down to earth and full of excitement. Always seen to be traveling around, she is dead scared to kidnappers than that of dogs and ghosts. I have a special invitation from her for a trip to Brunei. I will be there one day alright babe?

* * *
The Tweeties

A recent haunting in my Tweeter. Once together, these girls will fill the Tweeter board with their chick talks for all day long, twenty-four seven. And their talks are not those usually come out from the commons - they have style, and most importantly they are funny enough to keep me reading and chuckles to their tweets. The Tweeties are:

  • Sh. Syaza Liyana, the first from the group that I have got to know. She happens to live nearby my place in KL. We have met twice so far - once in an Old Town outlet in our place and once at her place during the first day of Eid. A soft-spoken young lady with a pleasant smile and warm hospitality, Syaza is a wonderful, active super-being. She is seen all around the clock in Twitter, tweeting the rests with her updates. I wonder when she sleeps. Hm.
  • Amira Suraya, currently the first in rank next to Syaza Liyana. Also, like Syaza, she roams the Twitter with her chattering that makes you want to reply them. A calm person by effect, she is one of the person that fills my day with her lines. She also blogs, which in a way shares another common interests with me. By the way when am I going to make #5?
  • Melissa, the tech-savvy girl. Melissa always tweets her latest findings in technology and information, from which I find extremely valuable to everyone's knowledge. To date, she is one of my quickest source of rare information. She is also a photographer, and I am looking forward to be having some photography sessions with her in the future. Way to go Mel!

Sya & Me, Eidul Fitr 2009

* * *

These are the people, a collection of men and women from which I have been given the opportunity to get to know and befriend with. These are the people that made my day everyday, during my best and worst of times, and stick around still to cheer me up with their sometimes out-of-the-box, blockbuster rated show in both blogs and Twitter. These are the people that I intend to keep with me along my walk in life, not only because they have made the grade to be worthy group of friends, but because the way they live their ordinary lives, extraordinarily.

Mucho gracias and godbless, all of you!


farishta said...

Dah-ling... where's the continuation that cliffhanging entry when "Abang Man" called you?

Inquiring minds (and curious cats) want to know! LOL

Miasuraya said...

ade ke letak title gamba fiza falak tu dengkur haha!