Monday, October 05, 2009

The Grand Plan

And so he said,

"Always take a good care of your lady. take my advice: she might throw bad words at you, she might lose her temper at times, and she might hurt you so bad that you swore it was the worst time ever. But instead of being mad at her for being mad at you, love her back. Love her during and through her worst of days. And trust me, trust me on this, you will earn yourself a pretty damn good wife who sticks to you no matter what."

* * *

But too bad. You don't have faith in me. You just don't. And you don't enjoy waiting. And winning is always your game. Go on, go on now. Go with the grand plan.

Not that I haven't tried enough, but it seemed that I have done more than enough and I tried to make you understand that there are reasons why I am keeping myself with and only with my hands around these times.

You forgot that people, like every other, have problems they need to handle.

And so you thought that by giving miseries to others will as well might be the best revenge you could do, not partially knowing that you tend to, at times, overdo it. I can handle miseries, no problem. My capacity of miseries is like an empty tanker vessel connected with another ten empty vessels in series.

But that doesn't mean you can toy me around.


MiLuViA said...

i terase dowh.


Unknown said...

'the grand plan' is the angle you want to perceive it, as long as you want to see it that way, it'll remains that way

revenge. what's the good of it

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

Miluvia: eh hi doc! kenapa terasa? haha. wasnt you la doc :b

Bvlgari: I dont oftenly perceive things in my perspective unless, and it is important to note that, and against all probability, asked to,which to date i seldomly did.

'The grand plan', is clearly mentioned in the series of words that i recently received from this certain somebody from which this blog post addressed. it would be safe to say, that these words 'the grand plan', were flawlessly quoted without even the slightest juggle of words from the original article.

therefore, as i used to remind you over and over again before but little did you take seriously: stop, please do stop, assuming things. This 'angle' of perspective, it did not even exist not for a second let alone two, in my mind. and it would be a serious offense, from which is perceived from my points of view, for you to accuse that i claim them to be perceived from my angle of views.

the last statement of yours, i leave it open.