Monday, October 19, 2009

Kota Kinabalu International


Back from work. A little too tired, a little too stressed out.

The roommate was not around, well not until Thursday.

Best friend was still on the way back from a mountain-hiking trip which I missed to join.

So I started the Microsoft Flight Simulator program.

Chose a Malaysia Airline Boeing 737-400ER in standard livery.

Chose an airport - WBKK/BKI Kota Kinabalu International.

Chose a terminal parking - passenger ramp no. 4, medium service.

Chose time - 6.30pm, October 19th 2009.

Chose weather condition - fair weather, clear sky with slight clouds.

Ground-maneuvered the plane to a taxiway, facing the setting sun, the beach and the active runway.

Turned off both turbines.

Smoked, drank a cuppa coffee and watched as one MAS and two AirAsia planes in fleet took off.

* * *

6.45pm, an Air Asia A320 took off, bound for KLIA

6.55pm, another Air Asia A320 took off, bound for Kuching.

A delayed Malaysia Airlines Boeing 737-400 took off, bound for KLIA

* * *

And then the runway was empty.

And I was still there, looking at the sunset.

And I never felt happier.


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