Wednesday, October 07, 2009

October The Fourteenth

If today was your last day and tomorrow was too late/Could you say goodbye to yesterday?/Would you live each moment like your last?/Leave old pictures in the past?/Donate every dime you had?/And would you call those friends you never see?/Reminisce old memories?/Would you forgive your enemies?/And would you find that one you're dreaming of?/Swear up and down to God above/That you'd finally fall in love/If today was your last day?

'If Today Was Your Last Day' - Nickelback; Dark Horse; 2008; Roadrunner, EMI.

* * *

It is already October.

Imagine how time passes. Out of a sudden the semester is already more than halfway done. But the semester was not the entire thing that occupied my mind since a few days back.

October the fourteenth is coming my way fast, just as fast as the numbers on the calendar change these days. A little bit nervous, I must admit I am. This date - 14th of October - used to be the date I have been waiting for all this time. In fact I used to be all excited about it. It is so significant to me, this fourteenth day of the tenth month of the ninth year of the second millennium.

But if you'd ask me now what I feel about it, frankly I'd say that, I am full with mixed emotions. Suddenly these sweet memories from the past they came haunting my nights. Not that I was anymore resistant to them, but more to actually enjoying them one after another. Slowly the reminiscence of such long-lasting but also long-forgotten memories drove me into my own world of ecstasy.

Oh how happy we were those days.

I wish things did not happen. I wish it never did occur at all. I wish we didn't change. I wish we were still one piece; still a little somethin', a little bit of everythin'. I wish we were still happy, even happier, this October, day fourteen.

I miss you, you know?

But I don't know what you feel inside. I never will.

* * *

I am sorry, Rosy Cheeks, but it wouldn't be you whom I will be thinking of tonight.

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shera said...

its okay..rc not even urs rite..? chill ;)