Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pursuit of Happiness

It somehow rained today during sunset.

I was with the boys again today, running out fast from the campus heading to Ipoh, in pursuit of happiness.

The sky looked so beautiful with glaring sun from between the forming, moving rain curtain. The road was full with traffic but was also moving perfectly smooth. The car cut into the pouring rain like Black Beauty does to the meadow field.

The escape was planned in order to make way for the preparation of tomorrow's big day, at least my big day. It had to be done this evening, because this evening, was the eve of October the fourteenth.

* * *

There was nothing weirder than to sing-along with Dewa on 'Pupus', one of the band's greatest hit when they first landed in the entertainment industry, especially by three guys and two of them are non-Malay.

But we did. And we did happily.

In my mind was all tomorrow. The future, which was going to hit in less than 26 hours then, less than 24 hours now. I have had prepared myself for it, for the very least at least, and I hoped and still that I will be in my best appearance when the time comes for me to make my entrance.

Dental appointment? Had my teeth bleached and cleaned.

Haircut? Done along with washing.

Guitar? Tuned to the very best.

Facial? Done.

Effects? Tomorrow I need to iron a bit the shirt and pants.

Spirit? High and somewhat nervous.

Now the time has come for me to prove my words. To fulfill my duty to all the things I promised, and to face this like a man.

Tomorrow, at the exact time one year back, I will be at the same place I was one year back too, reminiscing things. Let it be rains or storms coming my way, I will never take pull a step away. I will prove that I am not a man of mere nothing, even when all odds are against me. I will wait for a miracle to happen, and my, I am with all hopes that things will happen. And I will wait until they do.

Because all that worth the price is always worth the fight.

People, wish me luck and all the best.

* * *

"You sure about this?"

"I do."

"Even when the end might be some sort of punishing sadness for eternity?"

"I do."

he said. "You go, Jacky boy. Go catch your happiness."

I will do, brother, I will do.

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Farah said...

Not sure for wat but watever it is, Good Luck! May Allah blessed you.