Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Sacrificial Love

Speaking of love, there many stories to tell.

The subject of love is not something that is clearly depicted in books or other versions of medias. To love and to learn to, are mostly learned by means of experiences in the journey to understand one's feelings. And these experiences of going through the feelings - the incredibly amplified feelings that may either make you fly or bring you down in flame, or both at certain occasions - are the best teacher that has never failed to guide you into reaching of what we refer to as maturity.

One came out with a question: does love requires sacrifices in order for it to return back with happiness?

This post would be my reply to that question.

* * *

When I was in love before, it is safe to assume that I did a number of sacrifices in order to keep the relationship going at its best. And so did my girlfriends, who also were expecting the best from the relationship. Some of this sacrifices were very personal, but nevertheless made in order to keep the knot tight at all times, because one must remember that; this time around it was no longer only about you. You have another heart you need to take care of.

Yes, I must admit that in order to keep the other half happy, I did sacrifice a number of things even when I knew - and it did happen - that my happiness would be the price.

Sacrifices could possibly appear in many forms - wealth, feelings, time, energy, et cetera.

There was this time when my ex happened to do things her way. It made me upset - so upset that we ended up having heated arguments over the same things each night - that she wanted to proceed. In the end, I tried, I tried hard to give up being all bitter towards her and instead of going against, I happened to support her in what she was doing, even when my heart was stabbed every time I thought about her stubbornness. I sacrificed my feelings.

In the end, not only that she made me proud but she also made me the happiest man in the world. Never again we fought about the same thing again, and I learned that in order to get something there has to be a price for it. Always. The price I paid was way too little to compare to what I got, which was one of the thing I usually refer to as 'totally priceless'. And this is the kind of things that you might want to always remember and appreciate.

Because in love, when you love someone else, it is no longer always about you that you will think of. You are willing to give everything in order to keep that smile of you better half's at bay. You are ready to lose what it takes to keep things going in their smoothest pace. These willfulness - the readiness to take the beatings for the one you love - is what I call sacrifices. And slowly, without you even realizing it, love will come your way and blanket you up with such amount of happiness that you could never ever imagine. And that was how I got my happiness in a relationship.

Because eventually, she did sacrifice things too for my happiness.


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MeiLin said...

Thanks for the post. :)
It's true what you said. Either one side must sacrifice for the other, perhaps it's just called tolerating to make things better. And there comes happiness.