Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Series of Unfortunate Crashes

Having entirely nothing to do while burying myself deep in research papers and books today, I let the flight simulator running on my LCD screen just to entertain myself and in the same time to occupy myself from thinking about the series of weird dreams I had been having for the past few days.

* * *

First I flew this guy - a Boeing 747-200SF MASKargo that was supposed to complete a single run to Belgium from KLIA, but never really had the chance anyway because it crashed right after take off due to crosswind, and because someone forgot to set all flaps out before takeoff. The plane stalled into the gate of the airport and created one crater the size only long range artillery with such firepower could have created.

No luck there I guess. Sorry for all the Christmas presents that were destroyed. I am not sure if the insurance covers all that.

* * *

Then I moved on to this big guy here, an MAS Boeing 747-400 flagship 'Seremban'. It was supposed to take off at Pulau Pinang International (main terminal at the back) at dawn but collided with a landing Boeing 777-2H6ER that was landing at the time because the captain was busy talking on his cell and decided not to listen to the ATC warning regarding the incoming misfortune. 500++ passengers they all died almost as instantly in what we would suggest as not only horrific but also massive human barbecue.

Sorry. Will do better next time around. And no more phone calls during taxiing.

* * *

Then I flew this cute boy above there - an AĆ©rospatiale-BAC Concorde for a short trip from KLIA to Beijing. Currently cruising at service altitude 60,000ft at the speed Mach 2.0, I left this guy to go for some bites in the pantry, only to come back and saw it had plunged into some paddy field in Cambodia because someone forgot to set the Autopilot Altitude-Hold Switch. Flight log suggested that it managed to hit Mach 3.0 slightly before the crash, that is three times the speed of sound, and I said to myself that that must be quite a smash it woke the whole village before the village itself was swiped clean by the fiery blast the size only napalm bomb could have made.

Sorry again. God bless you all good people souls. Bad people souls you all can go to hell.

* * *

And then I tried to fly this thing - a thing that appeared to be what we commonly refer to as the Millennium Falcon from the 'Star Wars' saga. It is shown up there, taken before departure, resting next to a Boeing 777-2H6ER at Kota Kinabalu International.

Once positioned on the runway, I pushed the thruster levers forward as usual to hit the minimum takeoff speed, only to see that the Falcon sped off in such speed that at one second it was still on the runway while at another second it had swerved all the way to the left side of the runway and tactically slammed into what today appears to be AirAsia's Terminal 2, killing everyone inside in such inferno even Darth Vader himself would turn a face from. Imagine, the terror in his face, though his face was nothing but a mere plastic mask that is coated with a single layer of metal, painted in black, polished daily to send out shines that shy out all stars.

This time I thought for a while and agreed to the fact that I might have been playing too much that everything started not to make sense anymore.

So I stopped playing the simulator.

For just a meaningful half an hour.


LuTaNiA said...

Mana u main simulator nie eh?
bg i link dia boley tak? :)
pretty pretty pleasee....

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

you google out microsoft flight simulator, darl

LuTaNiA said...

Owhh okayy.. So u bought it?
Whr can i find this?
and how much? hee

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

at any computer games outlet, i suppose. th original is MYR50+ but the pirated i guess could be somewhere around MYR10 to MYR15.

GC said...

nice 'catch' ^.^

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

err..what catch?

woody said...

u still got the cd?
i got flight simulatr 2000
and do u use any kind of joystick to play along with it?

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

yep. not cd la. just a plug and play installer. around 4 gig the size is :D