Monday, October 05, 2009

Some People Say That Love's a Game

"You know, you behaved like a total idiot."

"Really?" I drew a heart on the sand with a stick. "No, seriously?"

"Yelah," she said while fixing her hair that got messy from the windy beach breeze. "Ada ke you marah my brother?"

"Hahaha," I chuckled. "Well you should have seen muka dia time tu," I continued. "He was kinda cute, you know."

"Hey I heard that," suddenly Abang Man appeared from the back of us, "at least nak kutuk tu tengok la kiri kanan dulu."

Rosy cheeks laughed out loud while clapping her hands on encore for the show. Abang Man came to my side and passed me two cans of coke before he sat and joined us before the bonfire. The night was chilly due to the strong wind and the fire kept us warm. From afar one could see a passing ship from its lights reflected on the water. The beach was rather empty unlike usual where there will still be people swimming even at this odd hour. I opened one of the can and passed it to rosy cheeks before I opened one for myself.

"He was always the mommy's boy," she said in small laughter.

"Oh shut up," Abang Man replied, also in laughter, and opened his can of drink. "At least abang tak adalah sampai nak menangis sebab kena tolak jatuh atas jalan."

"Mana ada!" Rosy cheeks pulled an angry face. Abang Man made none other than his casual, expressionless expression while drinking up his Sprite. Just as he finished drinking, he said, "(mimicking rosy cheeks) sampai hati dia tolak orang, he doesn't love me boo hoo hoo."

Half of the coke that was in my mouth cavity blew out in a burst of jet spray right after Abang Man pulled that one last line. And almost as immediately rosy cheeks dash up and jumped onto her brother, slapping him all over while he just defended himself with his hands and laughed as she attacked him non-stop. All I did was to wipe my lips from the coke residues and laughed along. They both looked so close together.

Finally rosy cheeks stopped, "do that again, and I am so going to scratch your car."

Abang Man, who was then lying on the sand, stared at her in awe before making the sad face again and cried out, "boo hoo hoo."

"Idiot! I hate you!" she screamed at him before she left to the further side of the beach and sat on one of the beach chair.

From the vibrant light of the bonfire, I could see that those rosy cheeks got even rosier.

* * *

"I am from the second wife her dad is married to," he said as he drank up his Sprite. I drank up my coke and the cold fluid passed my throat with an absolutely satisfying feeling.

"Yeah," I replied. "She told me that just now."

I threw some more sticks and branches into the fire and arranged them neatly. I brushed the sand off my wet palm using the cloth of my shorts.

"She," he continued, "had been through a lot since her teenage years." He looked at me as he said that, "that is why I was being a bit, you know, protective over her."

I didn't reply verbally but to nod a few times gently, approving his sentences. Then both of us stared into the fire while holding our cans of drink in one hand, as if there were any deep thinking going on.

"Hey," I finally broke the silence, "I apologize for what happened yesterday."

"Nehhh," he replied as he shook his can to check if there was anymore leftover in it, drank it up to none and placed the can next to the fire, "tak ada hal la bro. It was expected anyway. I mean, yelah, I poked on you. So I deserved it la."

"Does this mean we are now brothers?"

"You wish!"
he said. "You swore at me!"

"You deserved it, you freak."

"But you were freakier yesterday."

"Hahahaha! That's why la you freaked out, right?!"

"Of course! What the hell, man? You looked as if you're gonna pull my head off alive!"

We burst our in laughter, so much and so hard that I could feel tears running down my cheeks. We laughed like drunk Brits over falling down the London Bridge. When we finally stopped, I drank my coke up to none too and threw the can next to that of Sprite.

I moved my attention to the sea and its surrounding. It was all quiet here in Damai Laut. The sound made by the live band performing at the lounge in the Swiss Garden behind us accompanied the sound of the breaking waves. The breeze was perfect and the fire burned the sticks and branches finely without even the slightest hint of smoke. The benches were empty and the sky was clear, stars glowing in the far galaxy as I looked at them. I could tell they were smiling back.

"Hold on for a while," I said. "I need to check on someone."

"Go on," he replied, "but I'll be watching."

"Oh screw you."

He laughed at me and he said, "just go."

* * *

She lied on the cold wooden bench with her legs stretched out straight and her hands placed on her belly. Her eyes were closed and her shiny pink lips were a bit apart, showing her white teeth underneath. Her chest slowly rose and fell so peacefully as she breathed. She must be tired, I'd say.

I sat down slowly on the bench she was sleeping on slowly and carefully not to make even a noise. She looked so peaceful, you know? Her fringe covered her right face side, her head leaned to the left. Those rosy cheeks, rosy rosy cheeks, they glare even from the darkest of the night. Using a finger I pushed her fringe away and using the back of the same finger I slowly brushed it against her cheek. It felt so pleasingly comforting.

I took my jacket and covered her body from being furthermore exposed to the torturous cold night breeze. As I carefully tucked the jacket into and underneath her from each side, her eyes slowly opened.

She smiled with her tired eyes opened halfway. In a slow, romantic whisper she said, "hey."

I closed the gap in between my face and hers to only a few inches. Her eyes stared into mine, and I could smell her perfume, Rush, came rushing into my nasal cavity. I could feel the vibrant heat from her body burning my face. Her hair they smelt so nice. For once or twice, I could feel her breath blowing on my lips gently. I placed my left hand on her right cheek and I rubbed my thumb slowly on it, from under her eye all the way to the side of her nose. I stared into her shiny eyes, and then I smiled, too.

"Hello," I said confidently, "I'm Jacksparrow."

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So dude, who the hell was her bf?
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