Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Tsunami Alert?

There is an update to this post. See below the original.

"The shores of east Borneo facing the South China Sea to face tsunami at 11pm by rough estimates,"
the radio said, "this include Miri at first, followed with Brunei and Sabah."

I froze.

* * *

I hope that those who live by the shore, and within the vicinity of it, will be protected from this nature strike. It was said that now the water level has increased by inches due to lunar movement, and should a tsunami occurred, this has got to be the worst to hit.

Bobby, Maurina, and whoever else that lives there, including a few people who I happened to miss a lot, I hope you are well alerted by this. Some said it was a hoax but, since it went on in the radio and if it really was aired in the radio and also a hoax, this should be one hell of a prank.

So God be with you, and so shall my prayers.

* * *


Bobby has just informed that the latest meteorology updates confirmed that only Strong Winds and Rough Seas to occur tonight in the open South China Sea. No tsunami whatsoever.


But still, that is kinda dangerous too, you know.

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Max J. Potter said...

great to know the people we treasure are OK.

tsunamis are scary.