Tuesday, November 10, 2009


It was her hair that first captivated me.

Long, wavy hair so soft that it pulled every kind of sense to it. So much that it made me placed my hand on the liquid-crystal monitor just to feel how it felt to hold her hair. Pitch black all over her fair skin, it must be nice to own such beauty. The crown so tantalizing that, my, I would have fallen flat on my back from just catching a glance of it.

It must smelt nice too.

Not even a single day passed by without me failing to look at her hair, even though from just behind the screen, her static image smiling at me.

Her soft, round eyes and her good rows of teeth melt me in an instance. Always, pretty much neverendingly. She is a candy. The sort of sugar candy that sticks in your mouth and gives you the sweet taste the whole day long.

The gestures she made in her pictures, my, what a stunning mare she is.

But that's not all.

The way she treated me, affected me in many ways. It affected my days and nights and in betweens. Her voices calling my name, the way she pronounced it, like a bullet straight into my heart I felt. The way she laughed and smiled and talked and everything, damn, they played in my head like a high-quality widescreen movie, bright and clear, over and over again.

She even cried for me, don't you know that?

And I wish I could have more time for all that.

But my time is short. I think it is, somehow. I wish I could have a little or more minutes for her. I wish I could spend a little sometime with her still. Probably buy a little more time with all the fortune I have got. But we all know time waits for no man.

Cruel thing this time is.

But then again...

After all this time I never thought we'd be here
Never thought we'd be here
When my love for you was blind

But I couldn't make you see it
Couldn't make you see it
That I loved you more than you'll ever know
A part of me died when I let you go

Well I am pretty much dead anyway.

* * *

No. This was not about the girl below this post.

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~riena~ said...

im always amazed the way you portrays ur words..
:)write more nazmi...