Monday, November 02, 2009

Boy's Day Out. Again.

A long day that ends well,
A smile cancels all bitterness that dwell,
How I wish this feeling will stay,
For all my minutes, hours, everyday.

* * *

All started when J.S Gill needed somebody to pick him up at the rail station sometime around 9.00pm. He just got back from a conference in KL, and since the conference was just a one-day event, he chose to go in the morning and come back later at night.

The Mutton Curry Gang never leave any of the member behind.

So in order just to fetch this one guy, all of us went to pick him up.

* * *

Timmy G. and me.

Timmy G. and J.S. Gill.

J.S. Gill and me.

* * *

Later on we decided to shoot for Ipoh for some cups of coffee. The pictures below described the activity in a series of photo-stories.

After a hard day's work, nothing really is rewarding than a glass of iced coffee, posh environment and a cozy chair.

And of course, a stick of cigarette.

A bit of playing around alone with the camera does the trick too sometimes.

Suren and me.

Picture bombing - The only picture that showed me from this angle, and somehow I looked kinda good, but Suren had to spoil it right away.

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