Friday, November 20, 2009


Slightly before Friday prayer.

* * *

"Funny, how just when you think life can't possibly get any happier it suddenly does."

Today, I would want to talk about this one tiny little girl that captivates my attention each time she does stuffs. Never I have met her personally, let alone any type of direct connection between us both, but I would have resorted to say that I find this girl rather charming than any other kids her age.

Let's call her Asna.

One day Amira, from which I do not know until now what is her connection to Asna, told me that Asna was made alert by her about my existence.

"Fine," I said to Amira. "Why don't you tell her I love her?"

"Sure," Amira replied. "Hang on a sec."

Moments passed.

"Alright," Amira said. "Told her already."

"You did?" I said to her. "What did she say? What was her reaction?"

"She said coco."



* * *

Even until today I do not know what the hell did that word means. Nevertheless, I still like her. :D

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Miasuraya said...

asna is my baby sister :)