Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Common Rarity

Stormy rain in my heart, as seen from the viewing arena window.

It rained again today.

I must say that the rainy season we are now currently facing since the past weeks has somehow affected my mood.


* * *

I made a friend with a lady from the land below the wind today via an online-connect service.

Being somewhat ill from the sickening weather, she was complaining about her sore throat and flu, to which I told her to fix them up by taking a cup of hot drink.

"I am bah," she said. "By the way I am lucky to get to know you. I hope this would start a beautiful friendship. You are one hell of a guy, do you know that?"

This has caused me to think for a while. I believed I did not make any extensive impression just yet to her, provided that we only knew each other for only a couple of minutes. So I asked why did she say that.

"Because you talk too much," her reply came. "Guys usually don't. You are a thinker and the result made you a talker."

I did not see how thinking and talking related to each other. She then continued:

"You are rude and extremely open to others. What is on your mind, you say it without regret. That means you have a very big ego," she said.

"Tell me why am I rude," I replied.

"Rude in your own way ba," she answered in her medium-thick Sabahan slang. "That's why you are different," she continued, "Other guys when they make appearance, they hold their tongues up. Nda mo slip all the kasar2 one."

I see.

* * *

It rained again today.

I used to love rain so much. Rain in the little mining town of Tronoh was once a scarcity. It was one of the thing you could only wish to have but never did, really.

But now it rains daily.

And I learned something from this :-

When you love something so much, because it rarely comes before your eyes, causing the pain of longing for and the missing and the fear of losing, you hold tightly to it. You endure to loving it more, despite all circumstances, just because it doesn't always appear for you to see.

But one day it does. And this cause you to lose interest. You don't feel the missing, the longing, the pain of waiting. You get tired of it even.

Slowly your sworn love fades away. Just like that. Just like how rain sweeps off dust from your balcony window.

* * *

I used to love the rain.

Now I hate it.

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shera said...

setuju dengan ur fren tu.