Monday, November 09, 2009

First Ever: Thank You Dahlia


It is never really a hard thing for me at times to let my amount of gratitudes to overflow from its tank, going against its own capacity.

And today I would like to express this endless gratitude to a certain somebody.

There was a time when a very upset young lady came to me and pour out what's left from her broken heart. There was one time too she cried when she read my stories recently posted in this very blog itself. And going backward not a little longer than that, she did once requested a song from me: Blind by Lifehouse. She wished, oh how she really wished if I could sing her the song.

And so I did - the superflu version of the song cover, now can be found somewhere in my Facebook video tab, along with other videos.

And so she made me the video up there.

This, this very video up there, the only video up there, is the only video in this whole universe and to every extend to it, that was made for me.

Yes, I never had such honor. And today I did.

And for that, Dahlia Mazelan, thank you so much. You broke my heart again, always in the good way, and with the best push you could have ever gave. Thank you so much.

I wish you both Dahlia and Topet all the best, and may your love towards each other never ever shy out from any of you, and may this blessing I prayed for be showered on the both of you endlessly till the end of time. I wish you good life and prosperity. I wish you both love to eternity.

Thank you again.

'After All This Time'

Dahlia Mazelan can be found here:

* * *

p/s: Anne, my hand is now recovering. I'll sing the song soon, ok?


Dahlia Mazelan said...

aww that is so sweet of u! :)

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...