Monday, November 02, 2009

A Tragedy of One Legendary Lady

To date, many still ask about the legendary lady.

They ask about her whereabouts, her residual affections, her charms and her availability, among other things that could easily be related to her. It seemed that even after this long since I have ever wrote about her, she still lingers in some of the readers' minds - of her beauty, of how she turned every little thing upside down, how she put meanings to almost everything. And to satisfy this hunger for answers they asked me endless questions about her. I wish, oh how I wish I could answer all that. But life most of the time does not go the way we always have expected or worst have planned for.

It occurred to me this morning that I should have at least write something to reminisce and maybe introduce the character to some of the latest readers in this blog. And I thought the best time would be today.

Because five years back, today is the date when I first met her.

And today, too, I am going to write about this one particular lady - the one and only, who goes by the beauty of every small thing that nature could possibly give. The one and only who once have captured me by surprise. The one and only who opened the curtain that covered love from various scenes -

The one and only, who once known as Syarifah Milia Yasmin.

* * *

"Milia Yasmin - entiti cinta buta yang terpentas dalam jiwa raga seorang musafir muda di kedai kopi."

If only I could have described what I feel, or what I should have felt when I first take a look at her.

It all started by a small plastic cup of coffee.

I could have sworn to you that her scent is still fresh in my mind, first enjoyed when she handed me that little cup of coffee onto my table, her wavy hair fell down gently and her smiles brighten me quite right away. My, what a beautiful swag she was, and I bet she still is.

Well, cheers to the cloud now, I suppose. Cheers to the cloud, for today was the day.

Two of the most completed writings that ever described her in person can be found in these two posts:

* * *

Footnote: Syarifah Milia Yasmin was first introduced in a series of stories that were back then compiled into a novel with the title 'Min', with the hopes that this effort will preserve her somewhat. Unfortunately this novel was later abandoned and never completed even till today.

Because halfway to the completion of the novel, the writer thought that; sometimes, some things are better left untold.

Last he heard was that Milia Yasmin left for a foreign country some years back, never to return again.

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