Sunday, November 22, 2009

Well Here Is My Reply

This post is directed as a reply to a very distant person from which I believe we have something to make clear about. It would have been a matter of honor to clean this mess, and I shall do it here in my blog instead because I have no way of directly send this to your email whatsoever, and I hope this will be notified far enough somehow to make to your understanding.

I swear I was a bit relieved upon receiving your one and only letter earlier, but to follow up with at least three people who came and told that you are causing an entire hector in your twitter nest, this has heated me up pretty much instantly to an even higher degree.

Bear in mind that this is written during a time when I am entirely mad. Pardon my arrogance, for I wished to be a little more tender on you. But this only exist as a wish and never more.

* * *

Dear Mr. A,

It has been very disturbing to notice that for quite sometime entirely I have been noticing some sort of rampaging says about me in your recent ramblings. This may not be a direct attempt to discourage my days, but upon seeing that I am somehow a very sharp person I could not help but noticing that you were directing many of your unaddressed sending to a person from which I clearly believed was me. And these sending were somewhat offensive to my understandings.

Therefore it would be a very tough decision for me to make; either I sit down doing nothing or I strike back. Usually if I am now a man I was in the past, we don't have to resort to this sort of diplomatic conferencing - brute intimidation usually does the job very well. But both of us we are men, aged to perfection obligatory to our will, shaped into sizes we are today; so I believe it would be very thoughtful for both of us to sit down and discuss this situation very carefully.

In order for me to deliver my message in a clearer form, I hereby sentence them in points for easier digestion.

1. I am not going after your lady. Not even anyone. Do not use my status being single as a reason for me to woo her. Flirt, yes we did, and that was about it. Nothing really happened in between. I am not in a position where I am entirely ready to make any effort in relationship just yet, and this is a man's words you are currently receiving. Because if I ever had the intention to, it is safe to assume that she could have no longer been anymore with you now. Do not misunderstand this as a hypothetical, egoistic speech, but as a clear future telling.

But she is still with you. You might want to wonder why. This leads to point number 2.

2. When your lady was upset sometime ago over you, it is important to note that I did play a coincidental role as the third person not in bashing you up but as a stranger in a peacekeeping mission. I could have been somebody you saw (probably still do see) as a culprit, but it is fair to consider that I did patch your relationship with her, to my benefit of none. I understand that by being a third person could be such a devastating, ego-sinking action against you that caused you to assume I have no such respect towards you. Wrong. You are entirely wrong.

I saved your bloody relationship, you fool. But you claimed I did the otherwise.

I could have respected you, and this lead us to point number 3.

3. I could have respected you if you come to me in a good manner. I still remember the first tweet on me you did; "Let's see if @M_Jacksparrow will accept my request." Now that is the first act of disrespect towards me that you showed, and this had clearly shown that I was then looking at one potential enemy, which I was quite almost, but not quite, entirely unlikely right. I accept all incoming requests except the malicious ones.

Imagine I come to your house and said it out, "let's see if this house owner will allow me in." Is that not sarcasm? Examine what you will feel and keep it to yourself.

The reason I flirted with your girl is easy - we wanted to give you a lesson. Have you not realized that you have been flirting with numerous girls too? Many thanks to my single status, I could flirt with anyone I want, I damn well please with, no worries at all. But you are the one with the lady, and you flirt around. Did you not think what she felt when she saw your doings?

How do I respect you on this matter?

I could have shown my respect towards you like I did and still do to other men in my nest. But respect is earned, my friend, not demanded. How do I respect you if I got disrespected most of the time even since the very first of our encounter? Do not demand respect from me if it was me you treated like a tramp in the first place.

If it was the cold turkey treatment being an issue, it is fairly self-explanatory why.

Along the way you clearly have had telling around in your nest about this one particular person you have always wanted to bash by means of literature attack but never really did because all of your telling were unaddressed. I knew about this. Don't take me as a fool, for I can be at times smarter than I usually am, and this is not a case of bragging but a case of pondering how sometimes God lets you clearly see how people with bad intentions will try to go against you.

And alhamdulillah, He let me see this, and this lead us to point number 4.

4. The reason why I strike to you back was simple - I was attacked. It is always in the simplest manner of human behavior to defend when attacked, and this had got to me. Do not come out with misdealing behavior towards people, for that may cause backfires. It is saddening that we started this way, and to always remember abut the way you first came to me, I must say that I have grown a grave concern towards your every tweet.

I could have humiliated you so much beyond you every possibly-dictated degree of expectation, especially after how you somehow alarmingly posting numerous mumbles about my being, but being a little nice did not harm me much. I have been observing this very well, and strangely enough some other people did too. Including your girl. Did you not realize how this affected your relationship as well?

Only if you talked to me mano-a-mano. But you did not. You never really did. You prefer to match with my reputation instead, childishly. And everyone saw this happening. But you blamed me for ruining your little pride.

This will lead to point number 5.

5. Do not worry much about your reputation. Hardly anyone knows about it. And I have been told that there are certain rats in my twitter that could possibly are related directly to you. This remains unconfirmed to date, but I must remind you that such act of dastard cannot be tolerated by all means at all. If there is such, please remind them to stop doing it.

6. Stop judging me just because I have no ladies at the current time from which I could have called a lover. This does not mean I am a loser, let alone not knowing how to love. If I could have bragged about my relationships, and only if. I am not such men who walk around telling tales. I did not only have conversations with your lady, in fact, I talked to others as well. Does this mean I am anymore lonelier than a stud of cold, dark pebbles?

I have loved more ladies than you could have possibly imagined. Beautiful, smart, stunningly wonderful ladies.

Me and the simulator, what's the problem really about it? I have a dream, I have an ambition to serve in the aviation industry, hence my practice with the simulator. My specialization being in engineering are Petroleum Engineering, Energy and Turbo-machinery, hence my interests in the turbines passenger planes currently are using as driving power plant. What is wrong with you?

What madness as to seeing how could it possibly relate to me being lonely, from which I really did not? Insult a man's dream, and that is as far as you are going to go - there's no more pulling back anymore. And I shall remind you that I accept your humiliation towards me pretty much easily, but little that you know how this has caused rage in my chest so massively destructive enough to redden my tanned skin. But then again to think that it was from you, all I did was laughing my head off at it. At you.

Arguing with you will only place my intellect to the lowest degree achievable. So I rather not to.

Questioning my existence and conversations with other ladies are entirely out of your concern. They say hi, or I say hi, and we go from there. If they don't like the conversations they might have just pulled off, but they never did. So you get the point. You are not my father, let alone theirs. So stop telling before people stop listening.

And you were wrong about flirting with other women when one man is in a relationship - I never did such ridiculous act when I was in my previous relationship, and that is the highest degree of respect you could have possibly shown to someone you claim to be a lover by only giving a hundred-percent attention to her and only her. What nonsense, flirting around with other ladies especially with the existence of your lady near you. Shame on a man like you, really, for telling me how to love a woman, the thing even you yourself are failing miserably to even achieve at.

You have got to show some respect to your lady instead. Clearly she deserves it more that I do. I am a self-made man, I don't have to demand respect. It comes along naturally. I don't need to make an announcement for it, for it comes to me pretty much hourly.

You could always come out with outstanding insults like you have always did, you know, getting some attentions in your small nest with hopes that someone will jump out and ask, "my, my pretty boy what happened to you?", but we both know who is at the better advantage. I am the real article. But I do not want to comment more on this. My position stands as it is.

7. You ended your letter to me, after your apologies, with 'I do not want to know and have anything to do with you anymore." A very perfect, dramatic ending to an apology letter. You know what?

Well neither did I.

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