Friday, November 13, 2009

Well What Do You Know...

First thing first, this is not a post that brags about oneself. Once you are clear with it, you may proceed.

* * *

Remember 'Busuk'?

'Busuk' is a short story I wrote sometime ago in this blog, a story that depicts a loss of a friendly foe of a lady that knew very little of how sometime a very annoying person could grew so dearly in her tiny cold heart.

The revised version can be found here: 'Busuk' [Revised]

Today, 'Busuk' made my day.

* * *

A certain someone, after reading 'Busuk', emailed me this morning, offering me to write a series of articles/columns, with some contract deal.

Wow. Alhamdulillah Ya Allah, for all the skills Thou have granted me with, and the success Thou have given, for I am nothing without Thy help.

Never I'd knew that I could go this far with writing.

Therefore I would like to express my heartwarming amount of gratitudes to those who have enjoyed 'Busuk', especially Fafau and Dahlia, both who blamed the hell out of me for making them crying in the mist of morning.

Along with the other five who cried as well while reading the story. Also to those who commented on the story be it here in the blog itself and

But well part of the deal made between me and the publisher for all articles I will soon write was that, I have to be discreet about where I will write, what I will write and also I am to write first as a ghost writer - one with just a nickname. And it cannot be any nickname I have already been using.

Thank you so much readers! I love you all yawww...!!



W. Suhailaliza W. M. H. said...

wow! good for you! =D

i just got the chance to read the story. so this is the story u told me about, eh. y'know, been busy that i missed few entries of yours. well, i cried not even though it's a quite sad story. hati i dah kering.



~riena~ said...

wow nazmi!!.congratulation!! and as i told u before ur writings matter!!
to and to d world who has been reading it..
all the best!!
still remember me dun ya? heh

Farah said...

Congrats! Let us know where can we find your published writing k?

Miasuraya said...

congrats, dude :)

woody said...

gr8 job jack

cik jaa said...

congrats made it =)

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

thanks, all of you. I might cannot do this if it wasn't because of you people.