Monday, December 28, 2009

At Sehati Berdansa Finale

It was raining all over Kuala Lumpur that evening.

I was preparing myself for the Sehati Berdansa season finale that was to take place at Putrajaya International Convention Center, PICC for short, in Putrajaya when Fiza SMS-ed me to come to her resident. So I drove all the way through the heavy rain the city was having that particular evening and stopped right in front of her gate where she stood with that smile on her face. I rolled down the window and she showed me the place where I should park my car and then passed me the fan T-shirt, which she too was wearing.

The printing on the shirt.

So I wore the T-shirt.

Fiza trying to get in touch with the crews.

To keep things organized and simple, both of us went to PICC with some friends, taking the KL-Putrajaya highway. We made it to PICC just right when the sun set.

Me, Fiza in the middle and...ah.. I forgot her name. Sorry. This was taken in the car.

The place was empty. And it is not as exaggerating to say that the place somehow looked deserted. Except for some Astro crew members and some artists in the makeup room, the place was just dead. So I joined some of the crews for Sazzy-Nash team and started to get busy with the T-shirt and fan issues, helping out Fiza, Shahlan and Faisal among others.

Fan T-shirts.

Deserted hall...

The once deserted place was starting to get crowded as the hour hit 8.30pm. There were fans of Sazzy-Nash and too Sein-Nana.

...and no more.

Me, Faisal and Shahlan, with the help of a friend who worked with Astro that night was able to sit at the Communication Team seating. In front of us were the fans of Sazzy and Nash while the family members of Sazzy and Nash sat right a few feet from us, and from where I sat I could clearly see Fiza jumping and screaming around.

Countdown to on air. You can see Fahrin and Scha at the stage.

Some of the cheerful fans.

Well I do not want to touch on the result. But what I can say is that, Sazzy, you and Nash were the best ever. Soon after the event ended, we hit the restaurant and I happened to meet Fahrin, Scha, Linda, Papa J, Nash and Sazzy. Here are some of the pictures taken at the restaurant.

Fahrin with his fan.

The Trophy by Royal Selangor Pewter.

Faisal, Fiza & Shahlan.

Faisal with the trophy.

And me too with the trophy.

I shook Sazzy's hand and told her that what she did was extremely terrific.

Fiza & her sister at the changing room.

I hit the changing room to accompany Sazzy and Nash to change before I made my way back to Bukit Damansara with Fiza and Faisal and hit there at half an hour past midnight.

The experience was strictly entertaining. It was damn fun. Anyway Sazzy, I love your performance and please do keep it up. Thanks for the great night. And Fiza, thanks for the company, the kuay teow that you were supposed to feed me with but three-quarter fell onto the table, and the laughs and whatnot. Thanks to Nizam for the ride, Faisal and Shahlan for the great partnership. You guys rock big time, yaw!

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