Monday, December 07, 2009

Do Love Us Men

Here I sat on my chair in my tiny room in this campus shy of three-kilometers away from the vicinity of the little mining town of Tronoh, for quite certainly some hours before I finally decided on what exactly I would want to write this pleasant evening, that is for you kind readers to read.

One of the regular readers came to propose to me a topic from which she herself had just posted in her own personal blog, titled Daripada Seorang Yang Bernama Wanita; about how a lady would feel when she is mistreated by men. Lydia, this follower is, proposed that I should come out with a similar version, but is to be in the opposite way: narrated from men's point of view, of what men feel when they are mistreated by women.

Challenging, I must say, for me to represent the whole Martian on how we men particularly and generally feel when mistreated by the opposite gender. But this does not mean I would not try; only that I could only cover the most general feelings a man certainly would feel when facing such unfortunate occurrences, sent in a form of a gift or two, from what we thought are supposed to be lovely but somehow at times are not very much- women.

This, as I understood, could be one controversial post. But it would be wise to note that I stand on my ground quite firmly when it comes to these kinds of matter - not for I am arrogant nor because I happen to appear genuinely and generally misunderstood - but for the fact that I see things somewhat differently from ordinary gentlemen whom most of you have met quite commonly enough daily to point me out as almost, but not quite, entirely unlikely extraordinary.

Therefore ladies and gents, here goes.

* * *

It was a very lonely day, as one might assume, in the gardens of Eden.

And there Adam sat by himself not really knowing what to do with the entire surroundings. Though the scenery and environment could be entirely wonderful, for it was heaven itself, he was not entirely happy. Given and blessed with the availability to converse, but not anyone of the same kind to actually converse with, he found that this fact has somewhat contributed to his needs to be having just one party for at least a bit of company, for that he found his friendlessness and solitary moments rather too unbearable for him to take anymore longer.

God answered Adam's wish for a company. This was when Eve was created from one part of Adam's rigid endoskeleton himself, that was one of his rib.

This moment indicated the very first contact made by a man towards a lady and the birth of a relationship, the tradition being in practice ever since to date, though some men and women chose somewhat the otherwise. And Adam was all happy, and so did many men after him, having the fully optimized thoughts that this creation - women - were the perfect improvement to life itself. They thought that this will bring them an entirely a new beginning of happiness they were, and still are, searching for.

Little that they knew that, like themselves too, women could never be anything perfect.

* * *

Trashed, rejected, played over, betrayed, fooled, being lied to, cheated, left - all of these words may trigger somewhat a spark or two in you people's hearts, the sort of spark that reminded you of bitter, tragic memories from which your beliefs towards the other halves you thought you were to own but never really did, worst if you did not at all, quite radically changed in very, very bitter manners.

But today I am to talk about men, from a man's perspective.

Women for years now have been nagging for many things - equal rights, total freedoms, shared powers - and this has totally making quite a heavy proportion of them to become what we men are; tough, weatherbeaten, bitter and rough. Women now play our games, our way.

We men could easily take things other men do to us in little less nice ways - we are built in such a way to ace confrontations through intelligence, power plays and even brute intimidation. We are blessed with broad torsos and large arms to bear weapons and burdens, and also endless ready-supply of adrenaline just to ensure our survival in this nevertheless mean world last a long time, along with those whom we gladly accepted with open hands as the people we love. Most of the time these people we call lovers are women, except for a small few distant cases.

We offer you protections, comforts, loves and companies.

But when you women come and challenge us into confrontations, little that we could do but to back off (this is of course referring to the gentlemen code of ethics) though we might attack you verbally, worst in some cases, physically.

Despite the facts that we men at times may be brutal at things - losing temper, tending to curse, acting wildly, among other things - it is paramount to not that, in defiance of all the commotions, we are pretty much fragile in the inside. We have regrets, disappointments and we experience downtimes - what matters is whether we show it or otherwise. One of the most critical thing that has always effectively affect a man's stable state of mind is being turned down in love, that is towards a women.

Did we not tell, from the point of view of the very first man himself, that we adore you, oh we really do, for you to come and stay with us for a bit of a little company, to ease our bitter days and blunders and to make our heartaches and solitariness become nothing but just histories of the pasts occurring events?

We did not ask for many beautiful things, for the fact that for us, your homecoming to us is already tenderly heartwarming. Never again we would be sulking over our lonely days, now that you are now by our side; providing us the care we need, healing our battle wounds, dry our tears and sweats from daily struggles, companying us through the coldest of nights, bearing us children and supplying endless supply of adoration, allegiance, and love. One could never really dream how wonderful would it be to be in love with you until he has, and for the love of God we would all want to have that feelings, maybe for the first time, maybe for one more time, maybe for one last time.

How we advocate that love will once again come to us in one complete piece, for love tops many wonderful things, though we have been through many heartbreaking, catastrophic adventure with your kinds before.

Therefore we pledge unto thy hands; love us, for only love that could save us from our own insanity, caused by your kinds yourselves, to add to our calamity. Take us, and take us all, for we believe that every dog has its day, that every man has his say, that you will end our miseries away.

And to that, we all men do pray, even myself, every God damn day.

Please, kiss my pain away.

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