Saturday, December 19, 2009

Marlboro Man Part 2

"I thought it will make me happy."

"Silly thought. Silly you."

"How do I tell?" Her voice sounded funny from beneath the oxygen mask.

She looked at him who was standing and leaning against the wall, juggling on the soft pack of Marlboro, that as an end result for her to have had been sneaking to smoke on one from the pack have brought her all the way here into the only infirmary on the island for a quick fix-up. She had just woke up from her unconscious state, and by the look of it she assumed it was him who brought her here. My God, she said this to herself, did he touch me? Well of course, he did, didn't he? My, I hope that he was not being more of a pervert during when I passed out than he already was when I was wide awake, she furthermore talked to herself. While doing this conversation with self, she made face expressions by manipulating the curves of her eyebrows, mainly suggesting to say "I am so going to kill him if he violated me". But did he? She took a quick stare at him.

He took a stool and sat down next to her bed.

"What made you think that by smoking you will be getting happiness?" he asked as he clicked on his lighter a few times to produce some sparks from the friction between the tiny metal wheel and the flint. His eyes were on the lighter as he spoke. She stared at him quite in disbelief. What, trying to burn down the hospital now?

"I don't know," she replied nevertheless. "Because you look happy to me," she then continued,"and you smoke."

"What utter nonsense."

She frowned a little.

"Don't do that," he said before he flipped the lighter stylishly into the pocket of his Hawaiian-motive beach shirt. "You sounded like Darth Vader himself."

"No I did not," she said, rather angrily.

She pulled up the blanket to her chest. The infirmary was quite cold, despite the fact that it was not at all air-conditioned and the location of it - on an island situated on the line of the equator itself - did not quite explain why such tropical island could be this cold at night. There was only two beds in the small room of the infirmary, and the other one was empty. She felt awkward being alone with him in such a small room, so she pulled the blanket even higher to her neck.

"Next time you want to smoke one of my cigarette, ask me first," he said. "Those sticks are pretty cursed with, you know."

"Yeah," she replied. "Right."

"Plus they won't make you happy at all," he continued. "You can be happy by yourself."


"I know," he rested his hands on the bed next to her hip. "I just said it because apparently everyone does it."

"Does what?"

"Bullshitting." He bent forward and stared seriously at her when he uttered the word slowly, clearly, and though her face looked rather calm, deep inside of her was catastrophically trembling. How could such a playful man turned to be so serious in just a split second? This disturbingly awkward situation was then followed by a series of completely unnerving total silence.

This moment lasted for a minute. Maybe two.

"Nevertheless," he said as he pulled away from her, "I still do believe in you somewhat."

She was still scared as hell from his recent strange change in behavior. But she nodded anyway to acknowledge his words.

"So what do you run away from, by coming all the way here to this island?" he asked.

She cleared her throat and swallowed a few times before she was prepared to reply. "It was none of your business, as I already told you so," she said.

"Well who knows maybe I can help"

"You can't."

"How could you be so sure?"

"Because I know better."

"Oh come on," he said rather impatiently. "Try me."

"Enough already. I refuse to."

"Come on, spit it out."

"I said," she stressed her voice into a deep, meaningful, supposed-to-be-scary tone, "..enough."


"Enough, dammit!!" she took a small a vase on the bed table next to her and threw it toward him. The vase flew to the wall, clearly missing his face by just a couple of inches. The vase broke to hundreds of shattered pieces of ceramics with a loud bang, along with splashes of water that created a puddle similar to that of a miniature pond on the floor. Three red roses laid helplessly on the floor, in the middle of the ruins.

Despite of all these, he did not move at all, not even for an inch or lesser than that. His eyes pinned on hers, with the sort of expressions that normally can be witnessed in the eyes of a dead fish - totally dead. And then he stood up, took a long stare at her before he turned around to the door.

A nurse dashed into the room upon hearing the noise, and by the time she did, he was already walking to the door. The nurse pressed herself against the wall and looked at him in a complete surprise as he walked passed the door -like a grim reaper hovers in the air - and then she saw the mess on the floor, and finally onto the young lady who at the time appeared to be so red in the face and breathing like a cow after a hundred-meter sprint. Well obviously from what she had seen so far, she could tell who threw the vase to the wall quite so easily.

Let's call this young, pleasingly looking nurse Stacy for easier reference.

Stacy stood still at the door, not knowing entirely about what to do next. Not that she was scared but rather surprised from what that happened. She then walked to the bed where the young lady sat on. The young lady on the bed took off her oxygen mask and took a glance at Stacy with a fierce look.

"I want to see the doctor," she said with an intentionally-made deep voice.

Stacy did not respond to her but to just sigh and to bend down instead and started to clean the mess that was a result of the unfortunate incident that occurred to what appeared to be a flying vase that was not supposed to be flying at all cost. But it did, and this had added up to Stacy's frustration from having to miss her favorite TV show she was currently watching before the incident took place, and now that she had to clean up the unsuspected mess, she had to to forget at all every little idea about going back to the TV show.

"Did you not hear me?" she asked again. "Did you not see that I am in a complete trouble over here? I said I want to see the doctor!"

Stacy turned around to look at her with a tight face.

"What doctor?" Stacy asked. "You have just chased him out."

"Destroyed his vase too, you did," Stacy continued to say before she got to the cleaning job right again.
This completely had shut the young lady's mouth to a zip well done. She slowly put on the oxygen mask again and took a very, very, very long breath in.

"Alright," she said to herself. "Now I really AM in trouble."

To be continued.

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