Saturday, December 26, 2009

Melayu Dengki & Sehati Berdansa

Siapa mau tengok Melayu dengki Melayu?

Go to your Facebook and search 'Mighty Jacksparrow' in your search bar. You then will find two closely related pages - one is the fanpage of 'Mighty Jacksparrow', and another is 'We Need 1000 to delete Mighty Jacksparrow Fan Page'.

Ina told me earlier yesterday night when I was driving around KL to do some shopping, and we both laughed hard because there were still people who were very afraid of the nickname I possess, trying their very best to destroy my reputations by making stories up whatsoever anonymously.


So people if you think the fanpage is not worth it, please join the anti-fanpage. I don't have no problem with it at all, especially when my writing now is getting some attentions from various writers et cetera. Plus from these kinds of unwanted popularity, Mighty Jacksparrow grew to be even more famous, driving people more and more into this blog to check out what really goes on each day.

I can say one thing about you buddy. And I'm sorry about what you are. Go on to go against me until the end of time. Nothing will change kid. I will still be writing, people will still be reading, and you will still trying desperately to shut me down, since how many years back.

Did that not make people look at you and say, "aww, how sorry we are to see you suffering from things that he did get but never did you.'

Think about it. Tak dapat pahala apa pun penaya orang ni.

Surprisingly pula, admin anti-fanpage tu jadi fan di my page pula. Bak kata Romeo, kick-ban saja. So yeah, sorry John Smith, but I let you have your permanent ban. Merry Christmas anyway, Johnny, here's some bones for you.

Anyway tomorrow I'm going to have a creative workshop session with Fynn Jamal oh yeah! Will update on that soon.

* * *

I was supposed to be standing and cheering like a bear that just got a decent kick on its groin.

But alhamdulillah, I got a better offer.

Tonight would be the finale of Sehati Berdansa from which Sazzy Falak and her husband Nazril will be competing against the other couple. Since I know Fiza Falak, Sazzy's sister, she offered me a ticket to be one of the supporters tonight.

I said, "okay."

Yesterday she called me and said that Astro requires the family members to sit down at the provided seating place. I was a bit down when I got to know that because Fiza was supposed to be standing with me too, until she made the surprising commotion that I am to sit next to her tonight.

So, people, find me on TV :b

Anyway do support Sazzy and Naz, Dansa10 Sazzy send to 32999!


LuTaNiA said...

Mcm org UTP jgk dengki dengan u weh? :p

I'll watch tonite! And comment your look. HAHAHHAHHAHA

Nur Diana said...

I think they don't know what the fan page is all about kut..

{ yaya } said...

Salam.. pathetic this "Melayu dengki"...,but I'm sure Mr.Jack(man who writes) won't let this scum gets in ur way,no?..keep up ur wonderful writings!

p/s:can't wait to watch sehati berdansa too.ngehee

Felicia F. Ramzi said...

Malays are so commonly associated with 'dengki'.. im sorry if Im being typical here. but it's so true other people can never see you happy or live a wealthy life. kacau derang pun dak..i wonder why ?

What's Fiza Falak's blog? I have her in my blog but when i clicked to her name, it appears she does not have one...

I dont watch Sehati Berdansa but you can have all my support for Sazzy.. She's so Sazzy! :)

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

Anne: Well orang yang sama jugak tak habis-habis. Tak pernah jeran, tak pernah berenti. Orang kalau hati dah busuk, buat macam mane pun la, macam tu jugak jadinye.

Ok! Ok! kalau tengok kolar i terkelepet ke apa, let me know tau! mesej2. hehe

yanne: ala yan, orang yang sama jugak yan. bukan ko tak kenal orang tu.

yaya: salam yaya! thanks for the support! hehe. nanti kita tengok sama2 ok?

FFR: it's not you being typical. it's the fact. when one does not get what he/she wants but some other people get it, they simply go the easy way - destroy other people. lame.

well i will let you know asap. check your inbox later.

woody said...

jack, marlboro man pls..
no whining..

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

aihh will do will do. malam ni aku buat :D

Nur Diana said...

hah?? x knal.. x amik tau kut.. huhu..

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

haha lol