Monday, December 21, 2009


I'm sorry but;

In order for you to love me perfectly, you have to understand that you have to first learn how to love me during my most imperfect moments.

Because I assure you that you will love me even more when I am at my best.

But, I could have possible tell you this; that you do not love me, darling, you just love the idea of me.

Beautiful words, unshaken poetry, tantalizing story. The way I treated you, and the way our conversations went.

You fell for all these, and you failed to realize that you had just happened to love but what I do, not what I am. You enjoyed my doings, and you hit in totally blinded by. What if one day, by God's will Himself, I stop from doing all those - would your love stay?

Or would it, I have seen this many times, disappears?

I came over here wanting to believe that there was a chance for us. But, on the way, I passed a lake, skipped a few rocks and had some adult thinking time. And then I realized.


We lived certain parts of our lives for a reason. What you and I have had since few weeks back was a wonderful thing and as much as I have a great deal of love for you, our time is over. We were never meant to be, and we never did really. One part is because you don't love me but, as I said, the idea of me, and;

I love somebody else.

Live your life, darling, live it as full and as wonderful as you can. I am sorry that I have to take a different route from here on. Nevertheless:



{ yaya } said...

well,Mr.Jack...u are only letting out what you feel,right?..and I admire those who can do so...cheers!

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

haha..yea..thanks for understanding, yaya :D

Bobby Nuurri said...

you know what,
i am very flat honest in my relationship. and that almost-same-characteristic ex-partner did want me for reasons.

but he couldnt accept me at my very worst. therefore he left.

and yet, he came back.

and yet. all i could say was "sorreh, you're no longer here (in my heart)"