Saturday, January 23, 2010

4.4.4 and How (500) Days of Summer Killed The Cat

I just realized that the last post I made was the four hundred and forty-fourth post ever being published in this blog.

Hm. That was strange.

Nevertheless I chose not to bother much with the number anyway. Harshad's number in mathematics, 444 is, and I think that could be quite interesting, extensively speaking. But it is weekend now and I would give my right hand for this day not to end, and I am not in a position to be interested in anything much since it is a good day to just sit down and rest for a bit after such busy streak of weekdays.

But there was something else in my mind that I think is worth writing about.

Now many surely have thought by now that I am going to tale on yet another set of dramatically presented love story accompanied with rather smoothing Jazz or Spanish con-danza in the background while the story develops, and then end with either a good or bad ending. Typical me, people will say.

But today I am to write about something else.

"This is not a love story. This is a story of love."

So pull up the curtain now.

* * *

(500) Days of Summer.

It appeared first before me in Twitter, and then Facebook. Everyone was hyped with it, except that the ones who tweeted or set their status with it were a vast amount of females. At first I thought that this must be some sort of chick flick movies that the ladies will beg or force before gunpoint for their significant male companions to watch with them in order to 'relatively understand women to an extend where every other thing becomes completely unbelievable for the sake of the ladies' state of happiness'. So lest I gave a damn about it, until I see one particular pattern that happened to consume my brain energy to explain but couldn't really quite.

Remember Twilight? Most women love it, most men hate it. Fine, completely understandable. The male casts in Twilight were driving the women nutty-horny and the sloppy men these women belong to felt the insecurity. The women will endlessly talk about it in supercritical excitement, and the men will continuously trash the movie nevertheless. But no men did ever say anything about this Summer movie thing, even though the women had gone off the roofs from it.

So it drove my curiosity to an even greater level.

So since my roommate happened to have the movie, he passed the copy to me yesterday before leaving to his department to run certain errands, leaving me alone with nothing to do but. So i decided to watch the movie by myself accompanied with a fresh box of cigarette and coffee. After all, what could a movie do to you anyway? Plus by watching the movie, probably somewhat my overdriven curiosity could be finally satisfied.

And this was when curiosity killed the cat.

* * *

Summer: A lady so tentatively attractive that she happens to be the eye-candy in every men's eyes she crosses with, with or without mutual communication established.

Fine, I thought - a good looking heroine and one sad-looking, cheap, super-broke, useless good-for-nothing hero that soon comes after her, and the heroine will then change the toilet-flush-worthy fate of the young gentlemen into totally the other way around he is currently going at a rate of 300% rate of success. What a happy ending. Typical Hollywood, I thought.

So I thought.

But that didn't happen. In fact what happened was completely unbelievable; it was shockingly bizarre that I was ungodly terrified while watching the entire movie. I swear that after the movie ended I found myself with the initially wholly fresh, unopened 20-sticks fine Virginian tobacco white cigarette-filled box totally empty, along with six, seven cups worth of coffee, and that pale, horrified facial expression on my face that is still somewhat there at the point I am writing this post.

In fact my roommate stood up completely stunned and speechless when he entered the room just to see me sitting so coldly still on my chair doing a cigarette after another while watching the movie.


The amount of depressions that the movie did supply was extremely generous. Though the story ended with Autumn, what Summer did to Tom did open not only eyes of men but also it reminded them about the terrible stories most of them have kept inside for years long to a point that this movie has made many men trembled down so fast that light speed now looks like a joke. The original storyline, I bet my head on this, I am sure many men have went through painfully, me included. The feelings were so real. Reminiscence came like nobody's business throughout the scenes.

Watching this movie was a huge mistake I did. A very, very, very big mistake I could have ever did, and I did it.

To all men out there with histories of being left by their once significant others, and this is me reminding you in the name of sanity, do not, I repeat, do not ever attempt to watch (500) Days of Summer on a lonely basis. Do not ever, ever, ever do that. Seriously.

* * *

A happy ending that never was.

Overall, it was a good movie. I like the storyline very much. I like how the narrator did his job finely. I like how Summer looks like. I like how their love develops. And I like how in the end Tom finds Autumn. I like to love. I like being in love. I like love.

And today is day (550).

Love. Heh.


MiLuViA said...

it came out in the cinema few weeks rite after i broke up.

the feeling was disastrous.

im waiting for my 500th.

another 147 days to go.

tp kan the story tk crite byk from summer's side kan.

but still i love the movie.

especially the beginning and ending of the story.


Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

Aww. Dont be like that. cheer up a bit occay? u cud always talk to me during your cloudy days. u know where to find me. =D

Aan said...

and the songs are great too!