Monday, January 25, 2010

Aduka Taruna: A Review

A little sneak peak here.

Not the total review of the person as a whole and his blog as well of course but over his somewhat pretty uncivilized way in addressing an issue over a person's death.

This dead person happened to be the late Almarhum Sultan Iskandar Ibni Almarhum Sultan Ismail, the former sultanate ruler of Johore.

What Aduka did was, he blamed the ruling party over the prolonged royal ceremonies that took place during when the body of the late sultan was placed in the middle of the castle while the ceremonies were ongoing in his blog. He started his blog post with:

"Dah mampos buat cara mampos la."

Seriously enough, I do not know how to even translate the above sentence which was written in Malay. It was too harsh to even begin with.

Aduka Taruna happens to be someone who writes for a supposed-to-be ideological political party from which I do not have even the slightest need to mention the name. Imagine, this came from that particular someone from the party that has been here since the dawn of the history of the nation itself. And he, I believe by my own assumption from his name and race for I absolutely do not have even the slightest idea of his practice in religion, is a Muslim.

And this is how he behaves?

I understand that probably Aduka did not agree with the way the ceremonies took place whatsoever, but does that justify his act by coming out with such monkey-state post? There are other and better, civilized ways to express disagreement of course, but why must he came up with the harshest way one could ever imagined? Do not ever tell me that that man could have possibly accidentally made that mistake by coming up with such sentences - he is a Muslim for God's sake! Even a man who does not have a religion could not possibly have what it takes to say such monkey thing!

Not even a monkey itself!

But he did. Even I, who is quite a cold-hearted man, could have not come out with such insult. But he did. Though Almarhum was not the ruler of the state I live in, I still feel that Aduka needs to be entirely punished over his completely unacceptable action. Worst, I feel disgusted over the claim that the political party he represents too represents the religion I solemnly believe in.

Just imagine this, Aduka: what if each time your family member faces their sealed fate, and people say that to your face? Well quite honestly I do not mind to say that to your face. In fact, it would definitely be a pleasure for me to proceed with it with a grin on my face while you weep over the death of your loved ones. Not that I want to place myself down to your level but just for the sake of, well, letting you know how it bloody feels.

Because until you get what you give, you will never really learn. But of course, I wouldn't do it, because I know how it feels. Sadly enough, you didn't.

Which was, too bad.

Apathetic bloody disgusting idiot, I've no sympathy at all.

* * *

My deepest condolences to the royal family of the sultanate of Johore and the people in its ruling region for the loss of the former Sultan.

May he rests in peace, and Al-Fatihah.


Hafizzul said...

Agreed. That's not suppose to be the reaction whatever grudge he has towards the king.

[z@ck] said...

kerana mulut, badan binasa.

amie said...

ye ke..x taw pon isu ni..until i read one of ur post~
thanx 4 sharing

Munsyi said...

Yup. even if the late sultan wasn't a good person, that's between him & Allah.

Aishah RA said that Prophet (saw)said, "do not speak ill of the dead ; they have seen the result they forwarded before them".

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

lucky you all are those who fully utilize your brains and manners. entahlah. nak jadi hero sangat. sekarang hidup macam pelarian.