Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Am I A Good Boy, Now?

A little less than a few days to my birthday.

Fiza, Sha and many others have been calling me on and on pushing me to tell what kind of gifts I am expecting this coming twenty-fifth birthday.

Well, frankly, I do not have even the slightest idea of what I really want for my birthday. I rarely got anything for my birthday, let alone celebrating it. No hats, no balloons, no candles and no cakes.

Mom said that I should seek apologies from those I have hurt in the period between this coming birthday and the last. "You have to be a good boy, now," she said.

Therefore I would like to present before all of you; the members of the family, friends, fans and foes, my humblest kind of body, mind and soul, asking forgiveness for all my wrongdoings whatsoever that have caused you pain in the past. I have realized that I was never a perfect man to even begin with, but given the necessary amount of time, faith and guide I am positive that I could turn out to be quite a man from which many of you will accept with open arms.

I would also like to thank many of you who have been very patient with me throughout just another cycle of the year around the sun for me. Those who have shown their supports and efforts into making what I am today, and those who have been extremely helpful during when I was not only surrounded in what I describe as neverending dark ages but also a handful worth of sadness and sorrows that at times have brought me down kneeling on my wounded knees begging for mercy.

I have tasted the pain of missing. I have tasted the honey of love. I have learned my life lessons and I have experienced the agony of being completely helpless while seeing the big rocks of defeat coming down my way.

Let's just hope that this coming birthday will set another good course in my life. I will give my very best into continuously changing myself - fixing a bit here and there, adding new components, replaced the old and wrecked ones, things like that - into being the best I could have ever offered, and let you all down I will never do.

* * *

I just want you for my birthday.


cik jaa said...

u just changed for better, jack =)

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

thanks cik jaa =D