Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Birthday Eve

The birthday eve.

A little less than six hours from now, the earth will make another complete cycle for the twenty-fifth time since I first took my breath in.

I feel indifferent towards my birthday this time around. Not that I am totally unhappy about it, but neither too I look forward to it. Strange feelings, really.

Just that I am still wondering what would be my best birthday gift this time around of the year.



Anonymous said...

there are still 5 hours to go. so..happy becoming birthday!!

klau i ingat i wish balik on d birthday itself. :P

hav a blast one!!

Unknown said...

happy birthday.

Anonymous said...

happy becoming 25th birthday, bro.. :)

woody said...

happy berfday jack

MiLuViA said...

bese la da makin dewasa, birthday feels like another ordinary day.

anyway, happy birthday!

dont forget to eat cake.