Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hey Jacksparrow

Happy birthday, me.

For this birthday I do wish for a number of things:

1. May my future gets brighter day by day. May I have all the things I deserve and may I be showered with the fortune that I am entitled to have.

2. May my studies get along well over time and I am not only to finish my masters by the end of July but to be able to continue my PhD sometime around that month too.

3. May I get successful in everything that I do, and I am able to make certain people proud of me in the pursuit to become something that makes a difference in this quite short life.

4. May I meet that girl of my life. Maybe she's lost her way here or something, I don't know. Nevertheless, I hope she'll be here. It's been some time already.

Thanks for all the wishes, good people. I love you all. I have never had a commotion this big, and it touches me so much just to see the amount of people who bid me neverending wishes since yesterday. Thank you so much. Thank you.


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