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Sunday, January 03, 2010

Medic. I Need a Medic Here!

This is a post from which I write during what I describe as series of tremors.

Now these tremors, these completely disturbing rattles I am currently experiencing right now in my chest, are nothing physical to even begin with. These tremors are the sort of mixed feelings that began to build up at quite a surprising rate sometime a few weeks ago.

Very little I know about these tremors.

But my animal instinct is telling me that something unexpected is about to happen. Could these tremors signify an incoming earthquake of outstanding Richter scale? I do not know, let alone I can predict all these things. But one thing for sure something big is coming in.

Which I do not know what.

And it is safe to assume that it scared me quite to a point that I refused to take my meals, not because I was being a stubborn from having any food but I somewhat lost my appetite while thinking about this one particular issue.

These feelings... is it love?


DC said...


Mighty Jacksparrow said...

can't really say la darling. as i said, mixed feelings kan?