Thursday, January 07, 2010

Open Road to Gaza for Rempits Alike

This time around of the clock, I must clearly state that I am feeling quite excitingly happy.

This is due to the fact that Viva Palestina Convoy has been granted access to Gaza through the gates of Rafah, and this means that the journey to bring more than a hundreds of trucks, though some were ordered to turn around, worth of aids will getting nearer to those who need them.

Secondly the Malaysian boy who got detained earlier by the Egypt police has been released.

Well done to everyone who made this happen, especially those who fought their way through in order to make it to Gaza come what may, and those in their respective motherlands who helped indirectly to help the brave team.

Godspeed, all of you.

p/s Jemaimah: We did get our smiles =)

* * *

We should do this often, you know?

I mean, sending aids to those who need them. Where in the world do we have not only the fastest, most daring and as well the bravest delivery boys on bikes ever?

Commonly known as the Rempits, these roadway daredevils can be used to send the aids on bikes at a better speed rates, perhaps. They can ram their modified bike engines to produce loud sounds from their modified muffler that can be heard three miles away beyond all annoyances, and when this act is done in a large group, I believe this will cause a certain degree of terror to those who hear them coming and this will cause them to run and hide like scared wombats in every possible direction even before the Rempits make their appearances.

With those really mean, evil facial expressions, even Al-Qaeda members themselves might think twice to attack them devils on bikes. Also, many thanks to the extensive level of braveness shown by the battalions of Rempits (it was said that the louder the muffler sound is, the braver they get), these bikers can easily maneuver through the hardest passage not accessible even by foot in just mere seconds. Years worth of skills in motoring and maneuvering will too enhance the chances for them to evade every little obstacle they may face - from water gun shots to heat-tracing rocket missiles.

Just for the effect and morale support it is also suggested if we can get some female companions for the bikers, but this has to be carefully monitored at every little second.

All you need to provide them are a mobile mamak stall that provides endless supplies of large glasses of teh tariks, roti kosongs and packs of cigarettes, some foldable tables or benches where they can socialize in between journeys, a mobile cheap clinic with basic medical supplies, one mobile hut or cheap hotel for accomodation purposes, one mobile Ah Kong Workshop with Ah Kong and his two young mechanics provided, and handphones capable of taking movies in 3gp format to promote urban art and culture in the group. For games, I think snatch-theft championships or toilet wall art competitions could be somewhat arranged later.

Fifty feet away from the jumping attempt off the cliff to enter the valley of Gaza, the leader of the 125z Rempit Regiment lifts his front wheel of his bike and set his body posture for just another dramatic effect that causes other Rempits to go 'Whoa!'

These brave guys will make Arab warriors on the best variety of desert horses look like a bunch of bloody amateurs. I mean, who else are brave enough to speed off on six-lane causeway with three lanes at each direction while trying to evade the cops, and in the same time going the opposite way the road is supposed to direct, travelling even in the middle of the road against incoming high speed traffic?

Brave men; if thou shall ever die with thy bikes, then thou shall die with honor!


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