Saturday, January 09, 2010

Religion and Adults With Bad Behaviors and The Likes

It has been years since I last wrote about politics here in my writing space. Not that I wasn't being anymore politically-minded; it was just that I was tired over the way things were going. But now that certain things have changed and I believe that I have an amount of responsibilities to hold to stand up and voice out my opinions, I guess it is time for me to write again, moderately.

I would not want to cover the current church burning issues whatsoever, for I believe there are too many writings have been done on that so far.

But I would like to touch on the behaviors of certain people I have seen these few days. These include the people from which I know personally and completely otherwise.

So here goes:

1. I understand that the incident that happened recently have sparked a certain scale of stirs of emotions in many people who were directly related, indirectly related and as well who were not related at all (we refer this type as opportunists) to the incident. People were angry, sad, upset, disappointed, scared, frightened, and surprisingly there were those were happy too.

2. But these stirs of emotions do not justify the radical behaviors that I have been observing lately. Being emotional is not a ticket to go amok at people who are at the other side from the one you are currently standing in.

3. This amok behavior I mentioned covers verbal attacks, physical attacks and emotional suppressions. These acts are completely childish and immature, certainly not the kind of behavior we are promoting to people around us. These acts of bananas will not only put yourselves open unguarded but also endangering your reputations as individuals.

4. I understand if young people, like me for example, practice these acts for they are still a bunch of hot-headed blooms, still in learning process and still undergoing the course of introduction to social ethics and behaviors. Surprisingly these acts were mostly observed in adults.

5. And nothing embarrass me more than to look at these groups of people with various religion backgrounds and from different political parties who claim their religions are better and their parties are far more right in certain political moves than the other, doing what we see as completely nonsensical acts - blaming, having prejudices, passing messages of hatred, cursed and worst, promoting these totally unacceptable manners to their group members.

6. This will not only cause our youngsters to accept that the behaviors are completely alright, but cause them to practice them openly, for it is because some of the adults they are looking up at are currently doing the same thing. These youngsters could even be their own children.

7. Now what do you feel if you see these fathers and mothers are openly cursing people whosoever whom in their eyes are completely wrong? These extremely damaging acts that now have somewhat turned into a culture already?

8. I hope that this acts and behavior will be stopped immediately. I hope that Malaysians in one whole group can be mature for a bit now while we face this hard time together. There is no need to play hero whatsoever by flaming up the tension. There is better ways to communicating, regardless of the kinds of messages you are conveying. Remember, there are always others who are looking at you, one who admire and another who hate.

9. It is alright to have different views in things. But do not let that needs destroy your individual characteristics. This is an open reminder to my fellow friends in the party and also generally to everyone else. Do not let our emotions take control of us just because the other party are going completely nuts over us. There is no need to downgrade us to that level.

10. I hope that my messages are well accepted and understood. This is just for the best of everyone. So don't talk about religion when you are openly cursing around, and don't talk about how good your party are with these monkey's behavior you are currently showing. If you choose to stay quiet even, nobody will ever call you mute. So choose your words wisely and watch your steps widely.

Best of luck, everyone.

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