Friday, January 22, 2010

Thanks Sayangs!

The end of birthday event.

To those 343 persons (if my count is right), thank you very much. I wish I could name all of you but that will consume some time. Nevertheless, you know who you are.

To Dr Azhani who came up with the adorable paper bunnies and such lovely and colorful birthday wishes in the form of a picture as depicted above, made roughly a week before the event itself, thank you very much. That was quite an effort, and my, I appreciate it very much. Thank you, thank you.


To Shee who wished me three times in three different medias earlier and still with the attempts to wish me as this post was created, thank you so much Shee darling. Very little could I describe about how I felt when I received endless wishes from you since yesterday evening until tonight. Nevertheless I thank you very much, very very much for your care and attention this whole while. There is of course no possible way I could repay your kindness, Shee darling, and I hope you forgive me for that. Nanti I belanja you coffee occay?


To my delightful Fiza, though you happened to be late to send the warm wishes, I certainly knew that you did try your best to despite your fully-occupied hours. Thank you for being with me all these blistery times, and I sure do hope that you will stay and row the boat with me for a little longer now, though I know that there is no reason to hope for such, for you will always there for me. Nanti I belanja you coffee too occay?


And of course, Fara. The cool, light-headed, coffee lover Fara. Thanks for the support, kindness, friendship and love that you have shown, and for all the beautiful songs you sang for me all these while; the voice so beautiful it stuns me each time it struck the drums in my ears. You will always remain as my best life performer, Fara, and I hope that you will still sing me songs just to chirp some happiness in my gloomy days.


And next is Alia. The soft-spoken, happy-go-lucky, sulky-babygirl Alia. It has been a pleasure to getting to know you and imagine how you have painted my cloudy skies with some daring colors, though at times you tend to play mom with me. Thank you for your comforting words and refreshing company as the days go by. By the way I violated the 4-sticks rule yesterday, mom. Sorry. I'll mow the lawn tomorrow, occay?

The Bro.

Abuzar, you know who you are to me. Need I not say more. Thanks, bro.

The Sis.

Hello Nisyak! Thanks for the personal wish you sent me via phone call the other day. Should one day you need my help, please let me know alright? Anytime for you sis. You have been so kind. In fact, you are just one of a kind. Should too one day you find yourself hurt from some wrongdoers, let me know. I swear I will give them the lesson of their lives to the point they will swear that going out from their mothers' wombs was the biggest mistake they ever did. I love you sis.


Hey there bro. Thanks for brightening my day, Altimet. We sure do need to hit the pavement one day and yeah, we're gonna rock the sin city just for one more bloody time, yaw. Thanks a lot for the conversations we had and stuffs, and peace out. Spread love.


Rina! I want a snake for my birthday! Hahahaha. Ok no. Please no. I was kidding. You give me anything that looks, sounds, move and behave like a snake, and you're gonna get it, occay? Thanks for the wish and thoughts, darling. You know I heart you much =D


My, my. If it's not the elegant-looking Syarifah. Thanks for the wish, darling. Let's go bank on somewhere with Fiza for Ice-cream one fine day, alright? By the way I still want the satay you served the other day. Damn tasty one, that was. Thanks for the experience, Saripahhh! =D


Yelah I was waiting for you during the rain. Happy? Pfftt =b thanks for the wishes, babe!

*sniff sniff*

Busuk! You are so schmelly to me that in the same time you become way too lovely! Thanks for the laughters we had and the arguments and drama we spent time in developing together. You will always be my only Busuk, occay? I still have not anything for your birthday though. Hee.


The only pilot in red kebaya. Thanks for the wishes, babe! I still hate you for not bringing me to LIMA last time. Humph! But you know I heart you kan? Thanks for the great times, babe! =D


Hey. Mengada. Malas makan. Malas mandi. Sekian. =b Thanks for the wishes and the care you showed me, babe! Lain kali jangan Tweet dalam kelas occay?


Hey Q darling. I have decided now that you are now have been upgraded to first class Q. You have been too kind to me. Remember those Morse code conversations we had? That was pretty awesome, did you not think so? Nevertheless, keep coloring my Twitter wall with your funny chants of words, alright? I heart you, babe. Thank you for being the first to call =)

The Chef

Boven, macha, when la I'm gonna get the steak? Hey one day I'll drop by your place la alright? This is my chef friend from Naili's Place, Sentul. Make sure you people who read this go to his place, alright? It is best to come crashing to Naili's in no less than a hundred pax at one time and request his and only his attention for premium food experiences. Way to go, macha!


Zas, aku sayang kau. Kita couple jom?


Miss Mia Suraya. You and your behavior to push me into posting pictures each time I have my hair trimmed and each time I am in my baju melayu and kain pelikat attire. You and your endless ramblings on Asna. You and your funny tweets. Keep my days alive and on, will you? And send my love for beloved Asna deary, though she has definitely poked your days inside out, left to right and upside down.

Iylia, thanks for the everlasting smile and the care that you have showered on me since the day one we got to know each other. Thanks for your advices, your faith and your heartwarming smiles. Thank you for the messages, the calls, among other things.

"Me, Hiddie!"

And last but never least, Smarties! Thanks Smarties for the birthday wish, that was very sweet of you! And thanks for the advice on watching Notting Hill too, I am very sure that that will somewhat help me a little bit here and there. You go kick ass, occay? =D

* * *

And the rest of you from Twitter, Flickr, Photomalaysia, Lelong, Friendster, Skype, Facebook, Bloggers, Nuffnang, UMNO, friends around me and certainly more others, I heart all of you. I wish that I could write about all of you but that will crash down UTP server for the ultra-length post and the heavy contents it has. Nevertheless I thank you so much.

thank you so much people, I love all of you.


LuTaNiA said...

You curik gamba I!
I heart u too lah! ;p
Happy turning 25 again. :)

Unknown said...

awwwwww! knape u sweet sangat ni *hugs*

ayong said...

wooot! didnt expect my name will be listed here! :)

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

Anne: occay =D thanks so much miss pilot!

shee: *hugs hugs* =D

ayong: mengada =b

Miasuraya said...

why am I Coco? hahahahahahaha. happy birthday again!

Nadea Nadal said...

happy birthday, senpai

Nadea Nadal said...

but i have deleted that old fb
and created a new one
tapi masih belum add yg selebihnya lagi
just ignore me
happy birthday

Fiza Falak said...

y am i bushuk?
y cant i be wangi?

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

Mia: coco! thanks! =D

Dhiyara: Thanks babe

Fiza: tabole! da bushuk mane bole wangi da! tabole!