Saturday, February 06, 2010

The Buddy

The Buddy

A man like me do have a lot of friends. Connections, they call it (or at least the way they see it). I meet new people almost everyday. More and more people come to me as I explore places around me. Some are great, some are bad, some are so so. Some are students, some are superiors, some are somebody, some are just nobody, and some could definitely be anybody. And these people come and go during daytime when I go around this little world of mine while trying to expand its perimeter by inches each day.

But when the sun goes down, I always come back to my crib where the four of us - the elegant members of The Mutton Curry Gang - will meet up for dinner and stuffs. It will be quite uncommon for the four of us to be there at one particular time these days due to each others' commitments, among other things. In fact, sometimes it takes weeks for us four to gather and sit down together again just like in the old days.

Today I have the opportunity to spend some time with one of them - a person from which I have not seen for quite some time personally like we used to do back then during when we were young and foolish and free.

And today, I am going to talk about him.

This one's for you, Chubb.

* * *


We first met in Calculus class when we both were 19. He happened to come late to the class, so he had to sit next to me at the most front row. I was at the time still stabilizing from my state of sleepiness and blind confusion (it was an 8-o'clock class), and very little do I have the idea now of why particularly was I at the front row. At that time, I didn't even know his name.

When he sat next to me, he got to my nerve quite instantly. Suren at the time was this one huge, nearly 6-foot tall with a body that was somewhat too large for his feet to handle carrying a huge, black box-shaped bag (remember Swan bag? It looks something like that, only in black) and a 1.5L mineral water bottle in his hand. He literally slammed his ass on the fragile plastic chair and caused a series of tremor to the whole row of chairs. I felt like a bobbling jelly at that moment.

Just to ease on the sleepiness, I took out a candy out of my pocket. And he saw this, so he asked for one from me. Since I happened to have two of them candies, I gave him one, from which he happily took from me and ate it, only to know that after two seconds he took the candy out from his mouth, wrapped it nicely back in the wrapping and returned it to me.

"Tak sedap. I don't like it, " he said.

Imagine how I felt.

* * *

It's been 7 years since that happened.

And he's still around till today, being one of the best buddy I ever and could have ever had. We went through a lot of shits and we ate a lot of candies too. We have gone through darkest and brightest of days. We have come to a point that he said:-

"The relationship we have is like getting married to you guys (the gang) - I can walk into the room to look at your faces and I could easily tell right away about your feelings."

And I totally agree with it.

So to end this post, I quote on of the sentences he made to me today:

"On love, what I can say is this la: one has to accept the goods and the bads of the other person nevertheless, and to love him/her anyway. That's how it works."
Suren Lim Sinnadurai

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