Sunday, February 07, 2010


Manchester United, at the time this post is written, is leading against Portsmouth 5 scores to none.

And I know someone that will get very, very happy tonight from this. Someone who accidentally came into my life sometime a few months back. Someone whom I never saw coming, never really had the idea that she will but did anyway. Someone from which I heart much to a point that I started to care about.

Well, it's not easy to make it into the list of the people whom I care about personally. In fact it was never easy. But she made it.

God damnit I miss you Bushuk.

* * *

Thanks for all the memories.

Sorry that the other day I didn't come back home,
Though I promised you that I really will,
These barriers they surrounded me like a dome,
They closed down on me, pressing just to kill.

But I know that you will understand, you always did,
And I know you will support me, pushing me forward,
You'll call me when you sense that something is wrong,
Just to tell me, "Come on Mi, don't be such a coward!"

Sorry that I missed the match we wanted to together watch,
And that steak and carbonara, ice cream, and coffee too,
Sorry too about the other day that I said I'll call,
Made you waited all night long till the clock hit 2.

Sorry that I've always lost my way to Damansara,
Damnit I've always missed that one damn junction,
But you nevertheless guided me to you anyway,
With great amount of faith, and great amount of patience.

Sorry, I am so sorry for all these things I did,
And for all the times that I've let you down,
If only I could bring to you more happiness,
I'd do anything, all the things that count.

But you know right that I'm not that man just yet,
The man who can provide you with stuffs, this and that,
I've got to travel just a little bit far for a little bit more,
And I will one day come back and tell about the life I've had.

Sitting down far away from you I quietly think and look,
Appreciating you dear darling, my only Bushuk,
Just wait at the balcony overlooking that gate of iron chrome,
I promise, one day I'll pop up there smiling,
Wholeheartedly yelling, "Jaja I'm home!!"


Fiza Falak said...

:(( awww....bushuk!!

sgt terharu *blush adorably*

thank u and do come home soon!!

waiting for that starbucks!!

and dinner!!

and *ehem*ChanelBagThatCost10k*ehem*

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...


chanel bag? no! naughty girl gets nothing from me :b