Monday, February 01, 2010

The Door To Thy Heart

For Alia,
Thank you for being there. Always.
* * *

"So tell me," I asked her. "Tell me until when."

She fixed her scarf that was moved by the blowing wind with her long fingers. She lifted her cold regular cup of ice-blended hazelnut and drank the beverage up with the help of a straw. She moisten her lips with her tongue before proceeding to look at me with her rather calm look.

I took a few sips of my heavily caffeinated caramel ice blended while waiting for her to come up with the ultimate answer I have been waiting for.

"Until it happens," she said. "I'll remain single until someone comes and knocks on my heart."



Upon hearing that, I carved a smile on my lips.

(To you readers who know me personally, you are correct - this is the point where I decided to challenge and mess around with her logic.)

* * *

Knocking on a door is commonly understood and agreed as an act of attempting to gain attention of the party on the other side of the door by means of sending auditory message in terms of knocking sounds in order to obtain permission of entry, from which the decision to permit is subjected to the party behind the door to or not to allow.

"I'll remain single until someone knocks on my heart."
Someone, somebody, anyone, anybody can just come before the door of your heart and start knocking on it, dear kind darling. But the critical part is whether you do or do not allow them to enter. And of course, this particular person (God bless whoever he is), has to find and knock on the correct door, for I believe your heart is a castle with many doors - one can always come in through the colossal main entrance, but not many can actually find the correct door to the central chamber where the core of your broken heart lies in pieces awaiting rescue, where in the same time the pieces are slowly rotting to none other than dead, forgotten parts of your once healthy love.

You can wait for these love fools who are indeed trying very hard to find the correct door, which will consume quite some time, or you can simply put up signboards on walls that show the right way to the right door.

And the right is still yours to whether permit the entry or not. It is still you behind the door, looking out through the peephole every time someone comes knocking.

And let's just say that, ideally, you find your ideal prince charming and quite heartwarmingly you allow him to enter through the door and into your hidden chamber of broken heart. Have you ever wondered that, well, upon going into a room that one previously does not have not even the slightest idea of what the hell is behind the locked door, will he ever choose to even stay?

Some people do not like what they see after things are revealed before them.

The chances are, your prince charming (still, God bless whoever hell he is) might not like what he soon sees, and might also consider the idea of leaving any minute after he sees your hidden chamber.

Which, obviously, you do not want that to happen.

Some people do not like an empty, white-walled room - they think that emptiness depicts nothing but, well, emptiness.

But, but, some people like an empty room. They think that empty room is perfect for their creativity to develop. Say, maybe paint the wall with a bit of daring colors, fill the open floor with some furnitures and furry carpet, put a cat at the corner, maybe some fancy chair from Ikea, and the likes. And why not apply some modifications and put some windows, even balconies? For the comfort, put some air-conditioning system too.


* * *

"Right," she said.

I know right.

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