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Saturday, February 06, 2010


Remember Fool(ed)?

Apparently I wasn't being fooled at all. I was just being foolish.


* * *

"Heyy...bangun, bangun!"

I woke up that morning with an empty heart, only to see my phone (that usually I put next to my head before I go to sleep) bears that particular message. An unknown number.

A foreign number.

Jump into my feet I did, holding the phone in my hands. She apologized for not calling me that particular night due to certain unfortunate events. She sounded very worried and she kept on saying sorry, and with me being easily soften I became one hard rock to a Softlan-soaked baby towel in three seconds.

Oh what a fool I am.

(And I am sorry for that. Really. Seriously!)

Thanks for making my day again. Heart you! :"D

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