Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Or in English, instigate.

The word instigate is defined as to goad or to urge forward; to set on; to provoke; to plot; to incite; and commonly used with reference to evil actions; as, to instigate one to a crime. A person who intentionally starts something, especially one that starts trouble, is therefore known as an instigator.

There are many ways to perform such actions of instigating - by plotting to murder someone by using a significant third person (also known as the puppet); by urging someone in desperation to attempt treachery; by designing a method for one to commit treasons, et cetera. These things are almost daily, though not in the degree of seriousness as the earlier sentence suggested, but peculiarly these ungodly acts of evil could be uncomfortably witnessed every day.

And of course, I know that most of you here has at least once been instigated, or being the instigators themselves.

The easiest method to create an event where one is instigated is through blackmailing. Oh I am dead sure that many of you have committed such crime intentionally, though many claimed that the acts they did were deadly unintentional. And to no avail, there are many of you too, instigators included, have been instigated as well.

And it is always wise to note that instigators do instigate in order to induce fright and fear to the victim, to compromise his price and prejudice, to second his downfall and to see the victim being completely and entirely paralyzed, just by spreading lies, or facts that add to the disadvantage of the victim being in the community, to the people around him.

Today we're going to look at those who instigate, in the manner to destroy other's relationships.

* * *

Please allow me to light a cigarette.

(clicks of a lighter, cherry-scented smoke fills the air)

Instigators are evil.

In fact, they are useless, good-for-nothing piece of demeaning, futile, vain shits that sprung too far wide from nothing at all but an unfortunate, sorry-looking bucket-full worth of pukes of baboon nincompoops - the most unpleasant thing imaginable since the last massive terror previously derived from the all-known bubonic butt plague. These are the people who have to be the first to be killed with bayonets knocked through their thick skulls with a sledgehammer should one day a war came.

But of course, there are people who love to do this kind of job, commonly those who are single at the time and have nothing interesting to do except to sulk by themselves each time they look at lovebirds, towards particular lovebirds whom have gotten to their attentions.

Sounds familiar?

The only wrong thing about human, or at least an inconvenient truth about human, is that we can never be satisfied with things. We have always wanted more than others do. We always go for some sorts of competition with others to get that bloody attention; to soar among those we commonly refer to as the losers; to show some bits of power; to be the alpha dog, lest we know that alpha dogs don't compete (because what is there left to compete in when you are already an alpha dog?). Unless contentment is practiced, we will never get to satisfy with the rate we are currently going.

That is why many singles who posses dark, ill, tar-coated, turd-filled hearts tend to instigate his/her closest ally with numerous vague, evil, questionable, unreliable and provoking thoughts about the ally's other half - with an objective to separate them apart, so that both of them will get downgraded to the position the instigator is - being single - just to get even.

I have known a couple or more of these potential instigators, and as immediately, once I realize that they are one, I despise them completely. I despise them like I despise a rabid dog. And so should you, those of you who are in relationships, to be careful with these kinds of people, for they are ill-ridden, black-hearted and damnable bastards who have nothing in mind but the destructions of others.

But this does not mean that single people are evils. There are some single people I know who are in fact better than those in relationships. Some of them single people don't at all give a damn about others. Only certain portions of them who have in them dark motives and hidden agendas.

And these are the people you should avoid at all cost.

(kill the smoke.)
* * *

Advice of the Day: Do not befriend a gossip, for if he/she can gossip about other people to you, chances are that he/she gossips about you to other people.

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Ida BorneoLove said...

learned a lot bout people the past year.. gossip, trust .. careful when start to open one's mouth