Tuesday, February 23, 2010

How To Tell A Man's Character

This time around, I would want to share the way how to tell a guy's character just from the very first glance.

The very first glance here means that we assume you, the observer, has yet to establish any verbal or any type of communication with the one being observed. In fact, we assume that this is the first time you see him in your life, or at least not in a routinely manner.

Imagine that you are sitting on a bench under a huge tree at an end of a park one cold Sunday morning where you can see many people walk by. There are parents walking their toddlers or strolling their babies. There are children on bikes and skateboards. There are too cats and birds and dogs and, if so happens by chance, a loose very, very horny male gorilla chasing down female joggers. But I want you not to pay attention to all these.

I want you to only pay attention at men who are, at the time, alone by themselves.

* * *

Use 3-Second Rule if possible.

I want you to notice all these parameters:

  • The physique;
  • The doings;
  • The apparels; and,
  • The shoes.

Got that? Let's proceed to the analysis. But this one is very, very general, and you need to study more to tell your analysis at an even greater accuracy. For the time being, lets just focus on this one first.

Though there are not many things you can easily observe in 3 to 5 seconds, you still can catch a glimpse of some information.

And of course, this is just my way of telling.

1. The Physique

Many can be told from just one man's face. In fact, we can tell what type he is quite accordingly from just this feature alone.

Look at his face, and you can clearly tell his origin - an Asian, an African, an English or an American, or others, or the mix of any. You can tell his age right away, roughly.

Is he wearing accessories? A spectacle indicates that he either reads or spends too much time in front of the computer. A shade means he is either protecting his eyes or he is hiding something, indicating an inner, mysterious personality. Earrings or studs mean that he is outgoing and a free man, not binded by the community. A bangle indicates his youth essence. Look at his watch - is it digital or analog? Analog means he's sophisticated and orderly.

Look at his hair - is it shining? Is it waxed, oiled, or not at all? This tells you roughly about his level of hygiene, for shiny hair, though may not be oiled at all, indicates cleanliness. Look at his facial hair - is there any? Is it trimmed, or not at all? This tells you the same thing - hygiene, and also his level of putting his efforts into actions. Those who don't at least trim their facial hair are usually lazy nincompoops.

Look at his eyes and you can easily tell his current emotions. Look at his body - is he well built? Well built means he's either athletic or he cares much about health and public appearance, and of course the reverse if he thereof. Look at his posture - is he standing/sitting straight or at a bend? This indicates his confidence level. Look at how he sits - does he looks nervous or stiff, or he is sitting in the most relaxed manner? This tells you whether he is open and relax towards his environment or he is aware of something. Look at his skin - is it healthy or pale? This tells how much he is out in the sun or how long he stays inside. Look at his arms - is he crossing his arms on his torso, or open in the wide? This indicates his level of defensiveness.

2. The Doings.

Is he reading? What kind of reads? Is he just looking around? Is he looking far, or is he observing something? What is he looking at? What is his emotion shown on his face when he looks at the thing he is observing? Is he smoking? What kind of smoke, roughly, is it a cigarette, a cigar, a pipe? A bong maybe? Or is he on the phone? How is his expression when he talks in the phone? What is his reaction? Is he tapping his finger? Is he singing? Is he listening to something, an Ipod maybe? Or is he just sitting there like a bloody rock with no movement at all? Does he have anything that accompanies, say, a pet dog, a bike, a baseball bat, a monster truck, a big fat six-foot tall big bird?

You can relate this to everyday personality. I don't need to elaborate.

3. The Apparel

What is he wearing? Is it suitable with the weather? Is it old fashion, or fresh in the store? Is it formal, or casual? Is it eye-catching, or a pain in the eyes? Are his clothes new or have worn out? Do they look clean, or do they attract like a pail-full worth of flies? Is it suitable for his age, or too young/old for him? Are the clothes well suited, or too small/big for him? Is it branded?

You can tell his tolerance for neatliness, his attentiveness to attentions, his knowledge in fashion and tastes in apparels, his level of shyness and opennes, his level of awareness and his age of thinking.

Even his maturity.

4. The Shoes.

Good shoes indicate jolly good man. Enough said.

* * *

So from these initial information, there's a lot you can tell from the glimpse of a man. Had you enough information, you can therefore tell what kind of freak of nature he is, for every man at his best, is a danger to the society.

Well, believe it or not.

Should you have any question, feel free to drop them at the comment box. I'll entertain in my best of pleasure :D

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