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Monday, February 01, 2010


Big-headed, proud, stubborn, good-for-nothing obviously overfed fat kid with thick retro spectacle who think that you are cool by whistling on the F-word every time you tweet/blog/set Facebook status/set online messenger status.

Fuck you. You don't even know how to calculate your body mass index, so don't you go around flaring with your bitchy attitude and showing off to people with your sweat-stank shrunken t-shirt pretending that you're the 'in thing'. The only attention you get is for your silliness, and the only time we ever and will again mention about you is at the dinner table during supper before laughing it off and cheering it on with our glasses in the air.

You are a joke to us.

You are going down. We're gonna bring you down. From this point onward, it will be all downhill for you. After all it's about time. You just happened to mess with the right guy, supported with powerful others, all waiting to see you going down fast. And do blame yourself for that. We are all smiling at you now. We're gonna fuck you up. You're going down. We'll make sure that you're going down, painfully.
If I were you, I'd leave the country by now. So much for you to think that you have won the game by messing us up and let the whole crowd knew that you did with such everlasting pride. Very little did you know that, it was never your game in the first place. Very little did you know that you were just giving us enough reasons not to not fuck you up. You're gonna be our meatbag this one year round. We'll poke needles into all your veins and paralyze you down but still keeping you alive for our amusement.

For quite a show.

Best thing is (worst for you), the crowd is looking forward for your downfall too.

Checkmate bitch, game over. Thanks for playing.

Apathetic bloody fool. I have no sympathy at all.


Tam said...

why eh?

shera said...

erm.kenapa ni?

Mighty Jacksparrow said...

well, stuffs.

Altimet said...

tapi gambar checkmate kau tu the queen topples the king....

Altimet said...

tapi gambar checkmate kau tu the queen topples the king....

Mighty Jacksparrow said...

altimet: haha. finally someone notices :b well, it's chantek.

cerita kedai kopi, bro.